You Are Still Not Awake

[Summary: A sequel script to "You Are Not Awake," this one is designed to build on the ideas implanted with the well as do a fair amount of fractionation. You know, for fun.] As with the last several files, I'll update this post when the visuals are attached. That's next on the docket, now that a lot of recordings are done.

Follow and Obey, Again

[Summary: This script is a spiritual successor of the early script (linked) titled "Follow and Obey." It uses the same mechanic - altering the spacing of words to mimic the eye movements created by following an object moving back and forth. As such, it's best used at a computer or with a larger screen; the eye movement does occur regardless of screen size, but it's simply easier to feel when exaggerated by a larger motion.] Repetition is one of the more interesting tools for instruction. It also lends itself rather well to conditioning and brainwashing, as it turns out. It took me quite some time to break away from my aversion to it. A fair amount of the time, repetitive language is indicative of a lack of imagination. A fair amount of the time, but not all of the time. Hypnosis and conditioning rely on it, after all, so I've learned that certain concepts merit extra...emphasis, let's say. On that note, we're going to revisit the concepts from one of my earliest scripts.


Summary: This follows in the spirit of "Pacing" in that it is written to enhance the trance experience: the intensity of induced feelings, in this case. The induction is fairly straightforward, and at the end you are told to touch yourself and orgasm for me while chanting a mantra. It can be easy to forget, in the bundles of words and phrases that make up an induction, that hypnosis is just as much about what you feel as it is about what you think - or do not think.


Summary: This script operates on a similar premise to the one titled "Resistance is..." It uses the notion that targeted awareness can subvert unconscious action. Once established, this idea is used to put you into a trance. Then you are made aroused, encouraged to touch yourself, told to make yourself cum after a bit of edging. The phrase used in other scripts is tied to the notion of an orgasm trigger, albeit somewhat casually. It is a tricky thing, the human mind. I've been inside a lot of people's heads - maybe even yours - and I still find myself wondering about things.

Resistance is...

Summary: This script explores the notion of trying (and failing) to resist going into trance. It follows the inevitable submission with arousal, instructions to masturbate and orgasm, and a sort of contract that the condition of said orgasm is accepting an urge to follow my words frequently. It connects arousal with a phrase that is likely becoming familiar by now. This post will mesmerize you, and quite possibly leave you with an urge to read my words often. I don't mind telling you that, because there isn't really anything you can do about it. I don't mean that as a comic book villain; I am simply describing reality.

Follow and Obey (2-1)

Summary: This script exploits the idea of eye movement in order to induce a trance. It is best read on a full size screen, rather than a mobile device, for that reason. The phrase involved is embedded as a trigger, and you are instructed to chant it and make yourself cum. It isn't explicitly meant to go with the good girl brainwashing, but it does follow rather naturally because of how it is written. When the average person thinks of hypnosis, they tend to imagine spirals, swinging pocketwatches, and the soft droning voice of a therapist. A bit cliche, but not altogether inaccurate. Those are tools for entrancing the mind, certainly.