[Summary: A re-recorded version of previous content (with the same title) in the hopes of producing a better/more consistent audio quality.]

In the interest of sharpening my editing workflow and exploiting the improvements I've made to my recording environment/equipment, I've decided to re-record some of my older content.

I'll be focusing in particular on those that have issues - too quiet, too much sibilance, pops and clipping, etc.

Do let me know if it's something you'd like to see more of, or if there are particular recordings (or scripts) that you'd like to hear re-done.

Without further adieu...

[Note: I'll be recording a new .gif and video of the metronome in the near future, so stay tuned.]

The long-awaited metronome version of the video:

Follow and Obey, Again - Metronome

Follow and Obey, Again - Version 2.0

As always, enjoy.

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