Binaural Experiment IX

[Summary: This is the ninth (9th) of my binaural experiments. As with the other recent ones, it explores different modulation patterns to create interesting effects for (and on) the listener. Unlike some of the others, it uses a different base tone - this might make it a bit "harsh" for some.] More experiments? Yes, yes indeed. As with the previous, I'll update with visual components if and when they're added.

Heavy Prey: Ethereal Echoes

[Summary: Fourth (4th) of the Heavy Prey series, this script features a spirit as the "monster."] This is part of a series exploring some of the common hypnotic tropes that I find fun or interesting. Unlike other series, they aren't interconnected. Parts of the scripts will feel very similar, due to the nature of the situations depicted. That will, I hope, make it easier to transition from one to another if you are exploring your own interests. The title should make it clear which topic/trope is being explored. Let's begin.

Trance Tales: In The Beginning

[Summary: First of the Trance Tales content, this isn't a script at all...rather a bit of autobiography for the curious.] I've often considered writing out summaries of some of the experiences I've had as a hypnotist over the years. As it turns out, that was a remarkably popular idea, so here we are. Understand that any names have been altered in the interest of privacy, any details are subject to the whims of my memory, and any of the subjects whose stories are touched on may request to have them removed at any time and for any reason at all. Once upon a time, there was a hypnotist.