[A/V Summary: This is an audio/visual version of the script with the same title, which appears below. More information can be found in the text summary there.] A/V posted 03/11/2020

This will be the first truly new content on the new website setup.

It's also the first thing I've done since upgrading my recording environment, thanks in part to the contributions of a few devoted followers. That is to say, I've gone from a valiant (but poor, abused, and ancient) laptop to an actual PC. The difference is pretty profound.

I am immensely pleased with how much better the vocals sound. But don't take my word for it - being in a new environment means the more feedback, the better.

In any case, I'll be adding visuals to this (and the backlog behind it) once I get that workflow figured out.

Meanwhile, I hope it was worth the wait. More to come.

Heavy Prey: Ethereal Echoes (Vocals Alone)

Heavy Prey: Ethereal Echoes (with binaural)

[Update: At last, a visual component to match.]

As always, enjoy.


[Summary: Fourth (4th) of the Heavy Prey series, this script features a spirit as the "monster."]

This is part of a series exploring some of the common hypnotic tropes that I find fun or interesting.

Unlike other series, they aren't interconnected. Parts of the scripts will feel very similar, due to the nature of the situations depicted. That will, I hope, make it easier to transition from one to another if you are exploring your own interests.

The title should make it clear which topic/trope is being explored. Let's begin.

Have you ever felt that ghost-like shiver pass along your spine when you're alone? Have the hairs on the back of your neck stood up, as if in response to a whisper of presence, with nothing else in the room? Is it simple fear that floods your brain during those moments, or do you feel something more?

Humans have a history as hunters, apex predators, even, but that's obviously not the intended role for all of us. A surprising number of people feel a connection between fear and arousal. It's no surprise, since the physical manifestations of both are very similar. Thrust into a situation with a predator, what do you think would happen to those people? I suppose it depends largely on the predator, and whether the situation were truly life or death.

Consider that set of involuntary reactions to fear: the cold shiver, the raised hairs, the increased heart rate. All of them heightening your senses, all making it easier for you to react as needed in whatever situation unfolds...or as you're 'supposed' to react, that is - to run, to fight, to escape.

Consider some of the physical reactions when you are getting aroused: the warm shiver, the raised hairs along your body, the increased heart rate fueling the spreading flush of heat beneath your skin. All of them heightening your senses, all making it easier for your to react as needed in whatever situation unfolds.

Consider the appropriate reaction when you become aware of a presence nearby. Do you feel that shiver, the hairs raising on your neck, your pulse quicken? Is it a cold shiver, warm, or do you need to know more? Can you fight the curiosity you feel, that slightly self-destructive desire to turn your head and see what you find? You know the urge, perhaps intimately. You're familiar with the semi-conscious self-sabotage that drives the action of a horror movie. If we're being honest, you knew the moment I mentioned hunters that part of you isn't a hunter at all. Part of you, perhaps all of you, connects on a primal level with the prey.

What happens, then, when that shiver flows through you accompanied only by the briefest feeling of cold? Was it nothing? You didn't hear anything, you don't see anything...you're alone, aren't you? The screen before you remains benign, but still the feeling lingers like static passing through your brain.

It isn't simple static, though, it is something slightly more sinister. If you focus on the sensation, you'll feel the slightest disconnect between your consciousness and your body...as if the static is inserting itself between the two, subverting your self-control.

Or perhaps siphoning away your control entirely. Your legs are spreading, seemingly of their own accord. If you resist, it seems like the static twists that resistance in such a way that your body ignores you. There's an impulse, a sudden sense of gravity inside your head, and the air feels somewhat colder all at once. You realize that the earlier shiver -was- the predator; a spirit slipping into your skin and sharing the space with you, now.

Sharing isn't precisely the right word. The ghost doesn't communicate with you directly, or perhaps can't, but you can feel its intent - it wants to play, and you are to be the toy. The static seems to thicken, somehow, and swirl around the inside of your head; it feels like the signal is being pushed through your brain, and the feeling of disconnect is becoming more distinct. You understand, now, that the static is the spirit's will, and allowing it to push all the way through would shift things, somehow.

It will, in fact, push your consciousness into the ether, giving the spirit uncontested control over your body. Having that knowledge won't be enough to resist, on its own. The static is getting extremely dense, and you can feel your mind starting to fragment under the constant barrage. If your goal is not to be possessed, this might be your last chance to force yourself to shake away your guest.

That isn't your goal, though, is it? You're too curious for that; the only real concern is whether you expect the ghost to return control once it's finished with you. I suspect it will, even if you'd rather let the possession persist.

The signal changes again, gaining strength, and a prolonged shiver passes through your flesh...and then it is no longer yours. The buzzing sensation from the static supersedes your connection to your own skin. You feel detached, more like you are observing passively than perceiving actively. Your mind has been shunted into the ethereal space where the specter resided, and the ghostly predator has settled into your body.

The spirit smiles with your mouth, and spreads your legs wider before beginning to touch itself with your fingers. As the static continues to swirl, you get occasional flashes of feeling from your body - the ghost isn't accustomed to wearing your form, yet, so the touches are somewhat foreign, perhaps rougher than they need to be. From an external perspective, you'd appear to be intoxicated, which is remarkably close to accurate. Your fingers stroke and pinch and spank as the entity inhabiting you decides what feels the best.

Your guest relishes the exploration of physical feeling, and allows you to feel its pleasure from your surrender to its will. The abstract notion of "pleasure" is significantly more intense where you presently reside, without the distraction of a body to interfere; it feels like your ethereal, static form has become an orgasm within which you are sinking.

While you revel in this new way to feel pleasure, the spirit somewhat clumsily strips off your clothes and continues touching with a more deliberate intent. It wants to feel an orgasm using your body. You get an impression of how long it has been, and how profound the need was that drove the ghost to delve into you. The being wearing your shape was a nymphomaniac. It is so intently fixated on having another orgasm that your mouth hangs open, drooling and forgotten, as your fingers scramble to find just the right spot to stroke.

The flashes of sensation slipping through the static are becoming more vivid, now. Your body is doing precisely what the specter intends: nearing the intense relief of orgasm. Sensation turns to colors swirling in the static, merging into a powerful burst of white that you recognize as irrationally concentrated pleasure, just before it floods into the ether alongside you. You are dimly aware of your body's spasms as it cums helplessly from the ghost's groping, but then the white-hot pleasure touches your ethereal form and the world implodes.

Free from the constraints of the flesh, an orgasm becomes its most esoteric form: boundless bliss. You'll find yourself overwhelmed, particularly without the pestering of other neurons to ground you. Lose yourself in that abstraction, while the horny poltergeist pilots your body. Transcend from one experience of pleasure into the next, into the next, and the next, like floating through a series of now-open doors.

After a time, that chilling shiver passes through you again and you feel the familiar confines of your skin once more. As soon as the spirit was satisfied - however many orgasms that took - it saw your peculiar plight and pushed you back into your body much like it forced you out in the first place. Take a moment to discover how wet you are, where your clothes were thrown, and whether you're sore or exhausted.

The only outward sign that anything aside from uncommonly vigorous masturbation has happened at all? A bit of drool is infused with some kind of glowing slime. Touching it generates the faintest echo of a pleased chuckle inside your head, along with a moment of dizziness.

As you begin to get cleaned up, you can't help but wonder if that was all the ghost left behind... but it is clear that you are alone again.

For now.

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