Follow and Obey, Again

[Summary: This script is a spiritual successor of the early script (linked) titled "Follow and Obey." It uses the same mechanic - altering the spacing of words to mimic the eye movements created by following an object moving back and forth. As such, it's best used at a computer or with a larger screen; the eye movement does occur regardless of screen size, but it's simply easier to feel when exaggerated by a larger motion.] Repetition is one of the more interesting tools for instruction. It also lends itself rather well to conditioning and brainwashing, as it turns out. It took me quite some time to break away from my aversion to it. A fair amount of the time, repetitive language is indicative of a lack of imagination. A fair amount of the time, but not all of the time. Hypnosis and conditioning rely on it, after all, so I've learned that certain concepts merit extra...emphasis, let's say. On that note, we're going to revisit the concepts from one of my earliest scripts.

Experiment in Subtlety (Updated)

[Summary: This is one of the few scripts that I edited heavily, following some (hopefully intended to be constructive) criticism. It explores the more subtle elements of submission via the surrender of control over the course of hypnosis sessions.] We've all got our favorite sorts of control. Some enjoy the overt, the powerful, that feeling of your mind collapsing beneath the weight of another's will. Others like the dance; verbal interplay, moving back and forth and escalating until the inevitable submissive climax. There are merits to all of them, but my favorite is often the more subtle methods. Simple, subtle shifts in the mind, you might say. So, shall we begin?