For a long time, I used this site purely to host my files to send to subjects with whom I'd already interacted. Direct negotiation and discussion is always best, as far as I'm concerned. Hell, search engines remain "discouraged," and it wasn't until a few years ago that I even considered that people might visit this place of their own accord.

I should have put up a page like this then, if I'm being honest with myself. There are all sorts of reasons for not doing so, maybe even a few good ones, but that isn't important.

What is important is that we go over some basic concepts relating to safety and consent, in case you aren't an experienced subject - or maybe even if you are, since repetition is always a good thing.

In my experience, a lot of hypnotists are fond of the acronym SSC - safe, sane, consensual - for these sorts of discussions. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that, but I have some personal hangups with describing erotic hypnosis as "safe," so I prefer, instead, to operate under the acronym RACK - risk-aware, consensual kink.

What does that mean? What risks are you taking by partaking in my work/content?

Mainly the following:

  • The posts on this site are primarily designed to put you into a hypnotic trance. During trance, you are much more receptive to suggestions than normal. Your judgement isn't necessarily "impaired," but it can be compromised. Your body tends to enter a relaxed state while in trance, which can cause a mild-to-moderate drop in blood pressure (rarely enough to be a concern, but still relevant.)
  • Anything categorized and/or tagged as "erotic" on this site likely uses sexual pleasure to encourage, reinforce, and condition obedience to my words and suggestions. Combining this with hypnosis increases its efficacy considerably.
  • Hypnotic states combined with pleasure can be addictive in the same manner as any type(s) of pleasure stimuli.
  • While I don't tend to install triggers (specific stimuli - words, phrases, etc - that elicit a predetermined/programmed response from you, the subject) with any of my work, there are exceptions. While the triggers I do install use verbiage to keep them specific to me (meaning I have to be the one using the triggers for them to work), that isn't always a fool-proof method. This means there is some risk that triggers obtained here would work under other circumstances, or when used by other people.
  • There is a significant variance in how effective subjects find PHS - post-hypnotic suggestion. Thus, any of the suggestions used here, especially in any "brainwashing" content, could become persistent.
  • Content may sometimes be geared towards creating post-hypnotic amnesia, which would mean you are unaware of what other suggestions I made, if any, after you wake.

Considering the inherent vulnerability involved in a trance state, I recommend you become familiar with how you respond to hypnotic suggestions and use caution whenever allowing anyone to play with your brain. Trust is an incredibly important factor in any relationship or kink, but especially in this particular kink, and it must be earned.

That being said, you really shouldn't take my word at face value regarding your safety, and certainly not if you aren't familiar with me. I encourage you to skip around in any of my files, scroll ahead in any of my text scripts, and even analyze my binaural experiments for embedded suggestions to verify that I'm not doing anything you don't want done to you.

You'll find there is content available elsewhere (YouTube and other places) under the umbrella of "deprogramming" and "trance safety." It's a good idea to be aware of those options, even if you don't expect you'll need them. It's also a good idea to connect with other subjects on forums or social media; partly to be informed on what to expect, partly since many of the less-than-ethical hypnotists are known entities there.

Is this all a bit serious?

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, right?
That's a convenient abdication of responsibility on the part of the hypnotist. While it's not entirely false, it also isn't conveying nearly enough about the situation to be useful.

How great is the risk, really?
Like I said earlier, there is a significant variance. On average, text content is less effective than audio content, which is less effective than combined audio-visual content, which is less effective than in-person hypnosis. On average, subjects will retain suggestions from files and scripts based on how long/how much they want to retain them, and it is difficult to embed suggestions or create triggers that are unwanted.

The important word there is "average." How strongly you'll respond is an unknown factor, unless we're working together in real time. It's something you should become familiar with, so as to avoid being taken advantage of (well, unless that's your goal.)

Anyway, I hope you found this helpful, informative, or at least somewhat comforting. If you have any questions or concerns, or find yourself reacting badly to any of the content you find here, you are welcome to contact me if you are comfortable doing so (info on the Contact page.)

As always, enjoy...and stay safe while doing so.


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