Behaving Like a Good Girl (III)

[Summary: The third of the "new" series of good girl brainwashing scripts. This expands the concepts mentioned previously, while suggesting new patterns of behavior and connecting them to the notion of being a good girl. As before, the mantra is expanded.] This post is designed to follow How to Turn Yourself Into a Good Girl (Redux) and Becoming a Good Girl (II). If you haven't read (or heard) those yet, I recommend doing so before you continue. If you've absorbed the previous parts, then let's begin.

Becoming a Good Girl (II)

[Summary: The sequel script to the redux form of the Good Girl brainwashing. It builds on the themes from that, emphasizing the mental transformation taking place as a result of repeated pleasure.] This post is designed to follow after How to Turn Yourself Into a Good Girl (Redux). If you haven't read that one, I suggest you do so before you proceed. Otherwise, let's begin.

How to Turn Yourself Into a Good Girl (Redux)

[Summary: This script returns to the concept of the (much older) Good Girl brainwashing, and starts a new "set" of that brainwashing. Obedience is linked very directly to physical pleasure and arousal, and a mantra is constructed as you are encouraged to become a good girl, then told to bring yourself to orgasm.] Sometimes, as a concept grows and evolves, it becomes a bit convoluted. Mixed up with unrelated notions, branching into areas it wasn't originally meant to go. Some of those areas help to shape and alter the original concept, give it more depth...but the growth must be pruned, or it is likely to spread itself too thin in every direction. In those moments, it is often wise to recenter. Strip away the excess and focus on the basic tenets that motivate us. It is here that we find ourselves. Shall we begin?

How to Turn Yourself Into a Good Girl (Part 3)

Summary: This is the third part of the original good girl brainwashing series. It builds on the prior foundation, suggesting such things as: regularly reading my words, keeping things clean and tidy, addressing me a certain way, and (most notably) being addicted to my control. The mantra is continued, constructed from the bits of brainwashing surrounding each phrase. We're at a bit of an impasse, here. Part of you knows you probably shouldn't be reading this. That part, it's afraid you might end up actually brainwashed. Of course, you've already read the prior scripts.

How to Turn Yourself Into a Good Girl (Part 2)

Summary: This is (clearly) the sequel to Part 1 of How to Turn Yourself Into a Good Girl. It continues developing the ideas in the first script: submission to me, pleasure from obedience, deeper relaxation and conditioning. It broaches the idea of becoming a good girl as an act of habit, and suggests you adopt the structure of that habit from my words. You are given several suggestions of intense pleasure, sexual in nature, and told to masturbate and cum. If it has been more than a week since you read Part 1, go back and read it again. How to Turn Yourself Into a Good Girl (Part 1) It is a good time to have that refreshed in your mind, after all.

How to Turn Yourself Into a Good Girl (Part 1)

Summary: This is the first version of the good girl brainwashing content. It builds a foundation for additional brainwashing with the goal of turning you into a good girl. It associates the idea of being a good girl with my words; it suggests submission to me and regular reading, and it includes a mantra. You are instructed to masturbate and to cum, as well as to crave my words. You're reading this because you're curious. The title caught your eye, made you wonder. That's not surprising. It is rather direct, isn't it? But you've read my words before, I suspect. You know they have a certain kind of power, a pull to them.