It occurred to me (quite some time ago, at this point) that there aren't a lot of readily-available resources about hypnosis, and about hypno-kink especially. I've been compiling resources on and off since then, and this is an incomplete result.

Note 1: A link or reference here does not mean a wholesale endorsement of the content creator, author, website, etc.

Note 2: If you think there's something I've left out, odds are exceptionally good I have. Please feel free to let me know. Conversely, if any of these links are broken, odds are good you'll notice before I do (although I do try to check from time to time.)

Note 3: If your content is linked here and you don't want it to be, also please let me know. I made an effort to secure permission from whomever is responsible for each content piece, but opinions and preferences change.

Note 4: The exception to #3 is for the links to creators, which were pulled from public profiles (generally Twitter) - if you would like to be removed from there, described differently, or have your link go elsewhere (I went with the broadest ones where possible) please let me know.

Hypnosis (Technical)

This section refers to pages and/or threads and/or books that discuss hypnosis in a more technical fashion.

Hypno-kink (Erotic)

This section links to or references material specific to hypnosis in a kink context.

General Kink Resources

This section includes resources and links regarding non-specific kink, etc.


Again, this is by no means complete. There are resources everywhere nowadays, these are just several I'm aware of.


Various Creators I Enjoy, or Whom You Might Enjoy

This is an extremely incomplete list of content creators (mostly porn of one sort or another) that either I enjoy or, if you enjoy hypno-erotica, you might enjoy. Emphasis on extremely incomplete. I'll update it as often as I can remember. It's also in random order - deliberately.


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