About Me

Welcome to my humble corner of the internet!

My name is Chris - equal parts erotic hypnotist and mad scientist. Here you'll find my scripts, audio files, and other experiments.

Note that these vary widely in topic, but all have the basic purpose of creating relaxation and/or pleasure in the subject, and sometimes even generating conditioning/brainwashing in one form or another.

My target audience is female, especially with regards to the erotic content I post; that said, I am not somehow against my work being enjoyed by other genders, and I am trying to be more inclusive where it's appropriate.

If you enjoy this place, or any particular piece of mine, please feel free to comment. Feedback is always needed, valued, and appreciated. Seriously, it's the best motivation available.

If you'd like to learn more about me, I'd invite you to skim through the Trance Tales series, which is a discussion about my past as an erotic hypnotist. Otherwise, I'm always happy to answer questions.


I've created a Patreon, for those of you who'd like to support my work. Web hosting is, of course, not a free thing - especially for primarily erotic content.

Anything beyond the cost of keeping the website online will help with purchasing and maintaining my recording equipment and paying for the time required to create new content - time I find myself with less and less of to spare.

You'll be able to support the production of new binaural audio ($1/mo), hypnotic scripts - text ($1/mo) or audio ($1/mo), or all of the above ($5/mo).

Patrons at any level will have access to lossless formats of my binaurals and audio recordings, longer/different versions of binaurals, and potentially longer or more intricate forms of audio recordings. The perks may change or increase as I get more accustomed to things.

In the interests of being as transparent as possible, you should know that Patreon takes a ~5% fee (from my earnings, not your patron pledge) because I have a "Founder's" account.

Additionally, I'm trying out Ko-fi to provide a means of one-time support/donation for those who are unable (or hesitant) to become Patreon patrons. Ko-fi does not take any fee whatsoever, which is nice. They offer a "Gold" plan that would allow me to customize things and accept commissions, which I have been keeping an eye on for awhile now. At the moment, it's locked at $3 per "coffee" you buy me.

If you don't have a Ko-fi or prefer to have more control over how much you tip, I've also (finally) made a CashApp account.

As a mirror to Patreon (and in the interest of safety, let's say) I've created an account with SubscribeStar.adult. Similarly to Patreon, they take a ~7% fee from my earnings. However, they appear to be more friendly than certain other platforms with regards to adult content; I can only hope that extends to hypnosis, but time will tell.

Notably, SubscribeStar has a referral program. If you use my link to sign up (either as a subscriber or a creator) I get a small kickback (this does not affect your account at all.)

In the future, I may offer commissioned work for a fee. That information will also appear here if/when it is relevant. Meanwhile (and always), feel free to make requests as the ideas come to you - either via email, Twitter DM, or the Requests page.

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/chaotichypno

Ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/chaotichypno

Cash App: https://cash.app/$ChaoticHypnosis

SubscribeStar: https://subscribestar.adult/chaotichypnosis

SubscribeStar referral link: https://subscribestar.adult/?sref=nR6O0

SpankPay: https://spankpay.me/chaotichypnosis

As always, enjoy.



I wanted to thank for making the behaving like a good girl file. I listen to it often in hopes that I will brainwash myself into good girl to please men. By listening to your file it gives me hope that I can reach my goal. I can’t thank you enough

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