About Me

Welcome to my humble corner of the internet!

My name is Chris - equal parts erotic hypnotist and mad scientist. Here you'll find my scripts, audio files, and other experiments.

Note that these vary widely in topic, but all have the basic purpose of creating relaxation and/or pleasure in the subject, and sometimes even generating conditioning/brainwashing in one form or another.

My target audience is female, especially with regards to the erotic content I post; that said, I am not somehow against my work being enjoyed by other genders, and I am trying to be more inclusive where it's appropriate.

If you enjoy this place, or any particular piece of mine, please feel free to comment. Feedback is always needed, valued, and appreciated. Seriously, it's the best motivation available.

If you'd like to learn more about me, I'd invite you to skim through the Trance Tales series, which is a discussion about my past as an erotic hypnotist. Otherwise, I'm always happy to answer questions.


I've created a Patreon, for those of you who'd like to support my work. Web hosting is, of course, not a free thing - especially for primarily erotic content.

Anything beyond the cost of keeping the website online will help with purchasing and maintaining my recording equipment and paying for the time required to create new content - time I find myself with less and less of to spare.

You'll be able to support the production of new binaural audio ($1/mo), hypnotic scripts - text ($1/mo) or audio ($1/mo), or all of the above ($5/mo).

Patrons at any level will have access to lossless formats of my binaurals and audio recordings, longer/different versions of binaurals, and potentially longer or more intricate forms of audio recordings. The perks may change or increase as I get more accustomed to things.

In the interests of being as transparent as possible, you should know that Patreon takes a ~5% fee (from my earnings, not your patron pledge) because I have a "Founder's" account.

Additionally, I'm trying out Ko-fi to provide a means of one-time support/donation for those who are unable (or hesitant) to become Patreon patrons. Ko-fi does not take any fee whatsoever, which is nice. They offer a "Gold" plan that would allow me to customize things and accept commissions, which I have been keeping an eye on for awhile now. At the moment, it's locked at $3 per "coffee" you buy me.

If you don't have a Ko-fi or prefer to have more control over how much you tip, I've also (finally) made a CashApp account.

As a mirror to Patreon (and in the interest of safety, let's say) I've created an account with SubscribeStar.adult. Similarly to Patreon, they take a ~7% fee from my earnings. However, they appear to be more friendly than certain other platforms with regards to adult content; I can only hope that extends to hypnosis, but time will tell.

Notably, SubscribeStar has a referral program. If you use my link to sign up (either as a subscriber or a creator) I get a small kickback (this does not affect your account at all.)

In the future, I may offer commissioned work for a fee. That information will also appear here if/when it is relevant. Meanwhile (and always), feel free to make requests as the ideas come to you - either via email, Twitter DM, or the Requests page.

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/chaotichypno

Ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/chaotichypno

Cash App: https://cash.app/$ChaoticHypnosis

SubscribeStar: https://subscribestar.adult/chaotichypnosis

SubscribeStar referral link: https://subscribestar.adult/?sref=nR6O0

SpankPay: https://spankpay.me/chaotichypnosis

As always, enjoy.


As part of the ongoing effort to spur me to generate some more content for you to enjoy, I'm including a requests page. [Now merged with the About Me page, to simplify navigation.]

Comment below with things you'd like to see, whether I've done them already or not. The more detail, the better. There are some areas I actively avoid, but aside from those, I'm always open to inspiration.

If you'd rather make your requests in private, email is welcome and DMs, as they say, are open.

Note: I may be offering commissioned work in the future. I will continue to take requests, simply at a lower priority versus paid content.

Email: chris@chaotichypno.com
Twitter: ChaoticHypnosis


I am a huge fan of feedback - the more detailed, the better. Criticism, suggestions, compliments...doesn't matter. I want it all.

Feel free to use and abuse the comment system built in to the website.

If you'd rather contact me directly (or privately), you're welcome to:

Email: chris@chaotichypno.com
Twitter: ChaoticHypnosis
Skype - Available through request (email or Twitter DM) only
Discord - See above.

- C



Just out of curiosity, what got you into hypnosis in the first place? Don’t feel obliged to answer that if you don’t want, though.

Have a nice day, or night. :3

Hey yourself!

Curiosity is dangerous, don’t you know? 😉 Well, dangerously fun, around here.

I’ve always been rather attracted to things of a D/s nature, though I didn’t always know precisely why. I blame old cartoons, primarily, but that’s a cop-out.
The event that pushed me into the wonderful world of hypnotic manipulations, however, was a happy accident. My first girlfriend was a horrid insomniac, and found my voice was particularly soothing. Being a gentleman, I’d talk her to sleep on the bad nights. You’d think I’d have known then, but I was pretty oblivious for several weeks of it. One night, she started mumbling responses to what I was saying, and it finally clicked. We started some light play, and I’ve been experimenting ever since.

What about you? Any specific gateway down the rabbit hole that caught you? (Feel free to remain silent on that, of course, if you’d rather not have it publicly legible.)

Have a nice day/night as well. =)

Thinking back, it was a surprisingly gradual process. Like you, I’ve an interest in things D/s related, and you’re not wrong, old cartoons are partly to blame for all of this.

I’m easily stressed out, so family suggested I try hypnosis/meditation in an attempt to deal that. Now, there was never any lasting effects – I’m still as anxious as ever – but hypnosis is very relaxing. It’s a nice break from the usual. There’s just something about another person telling you calmly to chill out, that everything is fine. Well, maybe not in so many words, but that’s what it boils down to.

How I ended up here is pretty self explanatory. ‘One thing led to another’ and all that. There probably is more to this, but it’s kind of like with those cartoons. Whenever I go back to watch something now, there’s almost always that moment of realisation as to why a certain scene was so fascinating – it’s actually pretty amusing.

Gradual conditioning is my favorite kind, incidentally. 😉

I’ve got to agree about going back to watch/read things from the past. Makes for a few amusingly awkward conversations, too…remembering very different tones in certain scenes and all.

Lasting effects can be tricky. Many subjects I’ve encountered have issues with self-triggers, which are, unfortunately, the most practical way to deal with anxiety, cravings, etc. A sufficiently deep trance session and/or reinforcement exercises can get around that for a time, but depending on the mind of the subject, that can only hold true for so long.
I try to bypass the issue by linking the trigger to myself in some way, in the formative stages – “when you get anxious, you press your palms together and feel my will calming your mind,” etc. That sort of thing can be expanded into a more stable long-term remedy once it is reinforced…but it’s not quite the sort of thing you’re likely to find in files and such. Lots of variables, and a high potential for adverse reactions during and after the trance.

Not to discourage you, by any means. Anxiety management via hypnosis is absolutely do-able. That’s why hypnosis in a therapy setting has managed to stick around. More to say that everyone is different, and the magic elixir for one is just tap water for another. Much of my continuing interest is driven by exploring the intricacies of different types of minds… among other, slightly less altruistic, things.

In any case, I’m glad your interest persisted and has grown. One thing leading to another, like you said.

I’ve mostly given up on trying to deal with stress by way of hypnosis in any case. Well, I’ll still try meditating and such like when I’ve a free moment. This sort of thing really is a nice way to calm down, even if it is just temporary relief. I think hypnosis is too appealing in other ways. ^^’

Even so, you’re right. Dealing with this sort of thing, you’d learn -to some extent- how others tick, which is pretty cool. Most of what I’m interested in (outside of hypnosis) boils down to that in one way or another, that is learning about others. So… yeah! Lol

Another question! If you could choose a subject who would they be? Could be a specific person, like some kind of celebrity, or just an ‘ideal’ personality. Feel free to not answer since there’s no real rhyme or reason for this, just killing time.

Okay… so I’ll just leave this here. Again, hope you have a nice (whatever time of) day, and keep on being awesome. 😀

It (hypnosis) can be rather distracting, can’t it? 😉

Hm…tricky question. In general, I get the most enjoyment from working with a variety of different minds. The unique mental textures and sets of reactions make me curious, and curiosity drives me to explore further. I’m not sure any single type would be satisfying for all that long. Some of my favorite subjects were/are musicians and artists, but that’s hardly a limiting factor.

What sorts of inductions do you find yourself most attracted to and/or aroused by?
Same idea – feel free to answer or not, as you like.

Have a good day/evening yourself, and thank you. 🙂

Thinking about it, I’m fairly easy going for the most part, but confusion inductions and such like can be pretty intense – in a good way. I’m not great at visualising external situations, but I love being told to feel certain sensations.

Feeling relaxed and melty is always appreciated, and just generally being made to feel good in various ways.

Guess that was kind of vague… but like I said, I’m pretty easy going. 😀

Please make more audio files…

There are so few good hypnosis audio files created for women and good girls can use a lot of encouragement.

I like your suggestions.
The binaural audio doesn’t need to be very loud in hypnosis files – you can set it really low and it will still be “effective”.
Logitech makes a good headphones that you can use for recording which are noise-canceling and the headphones aren’t expensive.

Otherwise, I feel really good right now!

Thanks for your comment, I appreciate the feedback. =)

I’m fairly happy with my recording gear at the moment (and it does include the Logitech G930. ;) )
I tend to use the binaurals to cover background noise, but that’s more a matter of habit than necessity lately. I’ll include some alternate forms of the audio in future posts.

Glad to hear you’re feeling good. Thanks again, and (as always) enjoy yourself.
– C

Georgina Giroux

7 years 11 months ago

I have tried several times to subscribe, but I still have not received the email with the link to confirm. I’ve also checked the spam folder, and nothing.

I wanted to thank for making the behaving like a good girl file. I listen to it often in hopes that I will brainwash myself into good girl to please men. By listening to your file it gives me hope that I can reach my goal. I can’t thank you enough

I really don’t have a specific request, just wanted to say you make really quality content and it’s really disappointing to see there hasn’t been updates for so long now. Always check back every couple days to see if you’ve posted anything new. Hope you’re still doing your thing and haven’t given up on this page. =)

I appreciate that a lot, thanks. =)
I’ve been sorting out some health and financial issues, and the level of stress involved is, suffice it to say, not conducive to a creative headspace.
But I am still hypnotizing, and I hope to resume updates on this site in the near future. I do have several drafts sitting around, after all.

– C

Somer Hatano

6 years 5 months ago

Very interesting. I am a single mom, half Iraqi,half Japanese,working as a financial consultant,which is very stressful job.
I want to learn more.

Amazing work. I’ve listened to quite a few of your files now and I’m quickly becoming addicted. I’m sure you hear this a lot but your voice is incredible, not just seductive but it has an inevitable quality to it.

Jesus, I’m starting to look like a proper groupie these days. I really enjoy the ‘You are not awake’ series. I often find myself thinking about it and then zoning out, even if I’m not actually listening at the time. I would love to see more of the ‘waking trance’ based files. Also, really looking forward to listening to the Vampire file. Who would have thought that someone who enjoys hypnosis has a thing for Vampires? 😏

Nothing wrong with being a groupie, and I certainly appreciate the support! (Totally not something a cult leader would say, right?) ;)

It's exciting to absorb broader elements that way, isn't it? I do plan to expand on the "not awake" files/scripts, once I am a bit more caught up.

Ah yes, vampires and hypnosis...such complementary things. Hehehe. :)

I’ll look forward to seeing how the ‘not awake’ series develops. I’m not sure why I’m so partial to that particular style, I’d love to say it’s because I’m a risk-taker and I like the idea that I might get caught, but i think it’s significantly less cool than that. I identify as a sub and my deference to my Dom is threaded through my whole life in varying degrees. It’s not just a kink, it’s who I am. Whatever happens, my Dom has the final word. I suppose maybe that bleeds in to my enjoyment of hypnosis, I want to be aware of it, even just a little, at all times. Is it similar for you as a hypnotist, or do you see it more as a bedroom thing?

The idea was to create something that could be used in less-than-complete privacy, really the risk is a secondary thing. I'm glad you find the awareness comfortable/helpful. :)

I'm fascinated by hypnosis and I really like to experiment on the mind, so it's very similar. The sexual elements are fantastic fun, sure, but the point for me is the hypnosis itself...and the control as well, perhaps.

Hello, Thank you for the work that has gone into these files. So very enjoyable, pleasurable. I want to be a good girl and it feels more relaxing listening and floating away. I love the pleasure of obedience and want to go deeper...even more x rated deeper. Still, the good girl and bimbo audios are so yummy. I wonder if there could be a "pink brain fog" series. I think it would be delightful. Thank you

Thanks! I'm glad you're finding the good girl and bimbo audios so pleasurable.

Additional content for each series is on the way, but I like the pink brain fog idea.

I've considered some more blatantly erotic content, but there's a bit of a backlog to clear up first.

I've always had a hypnosis fetish but this is the first time I've actually felt hypnotized . I'm used to taking night walks which put me in my own headspace and this felt exactly like it but warmer ! Usually I'm able to stop reading, listening or watching .touching myself even if told not to or stopping completly . I usually cant be bothered to take my cclothes off, especially my tops, but your work , the goodgirl brain washing series in particular, has achieved all that ! My head feels fuzzy a lot of the time now though but I think it's just me adjusting to it and it's not too bothersome anyway . Thank you for making these erotic masterpieces of yours and keep up the fantastic work ! ~

Oh wow, that's amazing to hear. Thank you! I'm always thrilled to provide that deeply hypnotized feeling. =)

I know I haven't had new content out in awhile, but comments like this certainly help keep up the motivation. Stay tuned. ;)
- C

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