Trance Tales 2: Trial and Error

[Summary: Second (2nd) entry to the Trance Tales series...a bit more reflecting on my past. Again, not a script. This is also the one-hundredth (100th) post on the site - or at least it is, until I consolidate older content or something.] (Bit of an aside here - this is my 100th post. I don't know how I feel about celebrations, but I felt like it should be, at the very least, noted. Woo!) Alright, where were we? These ultimately don't need to be read in any sort of order, true, but I'm going to attempt to get it in chronological order so I don't miss anything.

The Brainwashing Bed

[Summary: Here is a script meant to be a bit playful, toying with the concept of modifying a bed into a brainwashing device. It is just a concept, isn't it?] Based on a true* story. *hypnotically induced The title gives this one away just a bit, don't you think? This one may receive some revisions, like several of my recent posts. We'll see.