How to Turn Yourself Into a Good Girl (Redux) - Merged A/V

[Summary: This post marks my decision to create combined audio/visual content. The audio is of the script sharing its name, but from here forward the visual components are no longer a separate file or image.] Since there are some issues with playing two files at once and a bit of a skip in the video loop, I've merged the video loop with the audio files for convenience.
Submitted by Chris on Thu, 04/30/2015 - 19:01

How to Turn Yourself Into a Good Girl (Redux)

[Summary: This script returns to the concept of the (much older) Good Girl brainwashing, and starts a new "set" of that brainwashing. Obedience is linked very directly to physical pleasure and arousal, and a mantra is constructed as you are encouraged to become a good girl, then told to bring yourself to orgasm.] Sometimes, as a concept grows and evolves, it becomes a bit convoluted. Mixed up with unrelated notions, branching into areas it wasn't originally meant to go. Some of those areas help to shape and alter the original concept, give it more depth...but the growth must be pruned, or it is likely to spread itself too thin in every direction. In those moments, it is often wise to recenter. Strip away the excess and focus on the basic tenets that motivate us. It is here that we find ourselves. Shall we begin?
Submitted by Chris on Mon, 04/13/2015 - 17:55