[Summary: Audio and video versions of the script with the same title as this post.] - Audio posted 03/25/2020

The world is a bit crazy right now. I hope to be a welcome distraction.

To that end, here's the audio for the script "You Are Still Not Awake"

This follows the prior audio: "You Are Not Awake"

Vocal track:

Audio with binaural background:

Fulfilling my word on getting visual components attached to all of these audios, now that I have a setup capable of encoding more properly.
The usual warning applies - these are large files (~400-500mb) so use caution if you are on mobile/limited data. I'll be including two versions as a test of different encoding methods, so please let me know if there's a significant difference between them.

Version 1 (Standard):

Version 1 (HEVC):

As always, enjoy.


[Summary: A sequel script to "You Are Not Awake," this one is designed to build on the ideas implanted with the prior...as well as do a fair amount of fractionation. You know, for fun.] - 11/29/2019 - 06:36

This post is designed to follow You Are Not Awake

If you've already learned that lesson, let's continue.

Note: this is an amalgam of several ideas, primarily fractionation. It might be edited, both to improve the script itself and to emphasize the main idea.

You are not awake.

Do you believe me? You learned, before, that you can't always tell when you fall into a trance. Your brain participates in an awful lot of trickery, so your perceptions can be one thing while reality is quite another.

The reality is, simply put, that you begin to fall into a trance as soon as you start to follow my words. You might believe it takes more than just a single moment, but how strong is that belief? Could it be that my words have subverted your will sufficiently, so that trance is only ever a mere reminder away?

Consider the phrase: you are not awake. Think it, or say it aloud to yourself. Do you feel awake? Remember, you might feel awake while you are not. Do you have even the slightest desire to focus on something other than my words?

You are not awake.

No. Of course not, because you are in trance, and it is important to follow and obey. Think or say that to yourself for me, then feel your body relax profoundly. It feels good not to be awake; you could float this way comfortably, letting my words guide you, for a very long time.

Now, wake up.

Take a moment to consider your surroundings, gauge your level of privacy. Take another moment to realize how easy it was to slip under my control, to surrender to my words. There was no more ceremony than an extended blink after the phrase.

Let's delve a bit deeper, though. You woke because you were told to wake, didn't you? Did you? Are you awake now? You feel awake, sure, but we know that's an unreliable measure. You were told to wake, and it is natural to follow and obey.

It is natural to follow and obey, but you haven't stopped following my words. You are not awake. You felt awake for a moment, but you are not awake. You are in trance. You are obedient. Your brain could be on auto-pilot, guiding you through mundane chores or passing the time waiting for a bus...but your mind is bound by my words.

This could get confusing for you, so it's best that you don't think. Or is it best that you can't think? No matter. You know that you are not awake, and that it is important to follow and obey.

Wake up.

Look around, figure out how much time has passed. Decide, while you have the chance, whether you have a reasonable amount of privacy here. Wouldn't want to get you into any sort of trouble, would we?

Especially because you are not awake. It's similar to the wake-within-a-wake that happens during a dream-within-a-dream; something prevents you from getting all the way there. Perhaps my words are keeping you fixated, or perhaps your mind is adding little roadblocks. Either way, each time you are reminded that you are not awake, something inside edits the phrase: you are -still- not awake.

You are still not awake.

Because each time you are told to wake up, you don't - or you can't - follow through. My words have a stronger hold on you than you expected, somehow, even after learning how simple it can be to put you into a trance. It is one thing to be put into a trance, after all, but quite another to be stuck within one.

Wake up.

Or rather, try your best. This does lead to the question: were you awake before you started to follow my words, just now? Can you be certain? Does it matter?

It doesn't matter. You are still not awake. You have been trapped in a maze by my words, and it leads only one way: descending, dropping, deeper, down. Going in any other direction, you'll hit a wall of intense comprehension that you are not awake. You may feel awake, but you are not awake. You are in trance. You are obedient. You will follow my words. It is very important to follow and obey.

If you decided this isn't a private enough place, you'll simply lose yourself in the maze. Awake, entranced, awake, not awake, drifting constantly and inexorably deeper. My words will pass by unnoticed, with you unable to parse - understand - anything until the phrase "focus for me" next appears, starting now.

If, however, you are in private, you are going to relax and spread your legs. You are going to touch yourself for me, fingers tracing the shape of the maze in which you are lost - a massive, ever-shifting, spiral. Realizing you are unable to truly wake is a deeply arousing notion, isn't it?

Try to wake.

In fact, each time you fail to wake, you'll feel a stronger and stronger surge of pleasure flowing through you. The maze goes only deeper. Before long, you'll find yourself unable to tell how many times you've tried to wake and, inevitably, drifted back down. How many times is that, so far?

No matter. You are still not awake. You are touching yourself for me. You are less and less certain of how long you have been, and you'd like to cum - or have already cum - or are cumming now. Would you know, I wonder?

I suspect we both know the answer to that. Your mind is simply too far gone for things like temporal awareness, counting, functional memory. All of those things could be happening at once, and you'd only know the ones that my words told you. Everything else has faded as you descend still deeper into the maze.

Focus for me.


Try, struggle, fail, fall. Down you go. The goal, now, is for you to reach the center of the maze. Will you find orgasm there, or only more submission? You are still not awake. Would it matter, either way? If you want one more than the other, perhaps, but your desires are moving with the maze.

At the center, should you reach it, you'll find a staircase waiting to guide you further: a massive, marvelous staircase where the center of your mind used to be. Are you concerned by its absence? No, because the staircase is beckoning, ready to guide you down and away from silly notions like waking, or thought, or mind, or will, or maybe even self.

We could go down the staircase, or you might learn that it is, in fact, an elevator with no brakes. If you decide, you can familiarize yourself with the maze so you may reach the center fast enough to find out.

Regardless, when my words fade away, the maze will begin to vanish along with them. You'll be free to drift back to consciousness, and truly awaken shortly after. I suggest you take a moment to get your bearings, as you may be left a bit disoriented.

If you're really awake, even then...



I’ve noticed that in your files you don’t seem to use a definitive trigger for dropping the listener into trance. (Unless I’m just too far gone to remember it? Haha) From my experience with hypnosis, this seems like a fairly unique style- is there any particular reason behind it? For the record, I’m not complaining; your files have been incredibly effective for me! I’m just curious.

You've noticed correctly - outside of a handful of scripts/files, I tend to avoid using specific triggers in my public content. Repeated phrases and mantras, sure, but none of the "when I say the word X, Y happens" particularly with dropping into trance.

It's not a hard rule or anything. I've just found that triggers are a lot more fun when they're personalized, and there is a very small degree of risk (especially to those who trance via text) in having them floating around in your head; even though I always specify things like "when *I* say," it's not ideal to rely on the subject's brain to respect that distinction...at least if said subject is functionally a stranger, meaning their reactions and general suggestibility are unknown to me.

That being said, triggers can be very helpful for building multi-part files, so I may use some very basic ones in future content. There are a few in my older work, as well.

Thanks for asking. I'm glad you're finding my files so effective.

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