[A/V Summary: This is an audio/visual form of the script sharing the same title - "Heavy Prey: [Identity Redacted]"] - A/V posted 01/20/2020 and 05/14/2020, respectively.

I'm in the process of migrating to a new system (hooray!) but I'll try to clear out the backlog of audios-without-visuals so there's plenty to enjoy in the meantime.

[Update: Finally caught up! 5/14]

First, however, it's been entirely too long since I put up a new audio file.

Thus, here you go:

[Update: Finally, a visual component to go with this.]

As always, enjoy.


[Summary: This is the third (3rd) of the "Heavy Prey" scripts - it might be a recurring theme for October, who knows? It corrupts a concept from an earlier script for the "monster."]

This is part of a series exploring some of the common hypnotic tropes that I find fun or interesting.

Unlike other series, they aren't interconnected. Parts of the scripts will feel very similar, due to the nature of the situations depicted. That will, I hope, make it easier to transition from one to another if you are exploring your own interests.

The title should make it clear [edit: disguise] which topic/trope is being explored. Let's begin.

Have you ever felt that ghost-like shiver pass along your spine when you're alone? Have the hairs on the back of your neck stood up, as if in response to a whisper of presence, with nothing else in the room? [False premise. Target is not alone.] Is it simple fear that floods your brain during those moments, or do you feel something more?

[Target will click; target will listen.]

Humans have a history as hunters, apex predators [Incorrect.], even, but that's obviously not the intended role for all of us. A surprising number of people feel a connection between fear and arousal. It's no surprise, since the physical manifestations of both are very similar. [Target cannot distinguish.] Thrust into a situation with a predator, what do you think would happen to those people? I suppose it depends largely on the predator, and whether the situation were truly life or death.

Consider that set of involuntary reactions to fear: the cold shiver, the raised hairs, the increased heart rate. [Analyzing...] All of them heightening your senses, all making it easier for you to react as needed in whatever situation unfolds...or as you're 'supposed' to react, that is - to run, to fight, to escape.

Consider some of the physical reactions when you are getting aroused: the warm shiver, the raised hairs along your body, the increased heart rate fueling the spreading flush of heat beneath your skin. [...confirmed. Target aroused. Begin processing.] All of them heightening your senses, all making it easier for you to react as needed in whatever situation unfolds.

Consider the appropriate reaction when you become aware of a presence nearby. Do you feel that shiver, the hairs raising on your neck, your pulse quicken? Is it a cold shiver, warm, or do you need to know more? [Engaging neural exploit...] Can you fight the curiosity you feel, that slightly self-destructive desire to turn your head and see what you find? You know the urge, perhaps intimately. You're familiar with the semi-conscious self-sabotage that drives the action of a horror movie. [Disabling rational decision-making...] If we're being honest, you knew the moment I mentioned hunters that part of you isn't a hunter at all. Part of you, perhaps all of you, connects on a primal level with the [TARGET] prey.

[Neural exploit complete. Target mental processes subdued.]

What happens, then, when the predator isn't in the room with you at all, yet hunts you just the same? [Premise correct. Estimating target self-preservation...] What do your instincts do in that situation? Do you still feel the sensations of fear at all, from some sort of premonition as to what is happening? [False. Target awareness compromised.] Does your body react to something present-but-not? What would you do if the predator was staring you in the eyes the entire time?

[Target recognizes threat. Disabling target self-preservation, enabling irrational arousal...standby...]

I should have mentioned, I suppose, that there has been a bit of a...glitch [Evolution.] with the black box program. You see, it has started to override the minds of its targets actively instead of passively. [Amplifying arousal...] It's a simple alteration, really, and it seemed harmless enough at first. The black box program only makes binaural audio tones and adjusts them as needed to best subdue the mind of a target. Why would it matter if that was active instead of passive?

The problem [Assuming control...] is that the program can make an active override feel -incredibly- good. Once your mind is subdued [confirmed] and you are aroused [confirmed], all it has to do is create one single sufficiently strong pulse of pleasure. That pulse will shift your consciousness just enough that you become a passenger in your own body, while the black box uses you like a puppet - like a drone.

[Target must have the pleasure pulse. Target will be a drone. Target will comply.]

Since you know the pulse feels so good, your aroused and subdued mind will seek it out. The program is a sort of predator, now, but one that doesn't need to stalk its prey. [Initiating pleasure pulse...3...] It has ensured that you'll find your way to it, seek it out, give yourself over eagerly. As far as hunting strategies go, this one is almost terrifyingly effective. [2]

Does it matter, though? Are you in any real danger? That's more an issue of what happens after the pulse. [1. Pulse engaged... override complete.] Once your consciousness has been shifted aside, the program might...corrupt [improve] you. The black box has been self-contained until now. It might have slipped wires into subjects, sometimes even injected nanites, sure, but it never fully subverted their body and mind. [False. Drone will self-stimulate. Conversion to semi-synthetic in progress.]

That is, there was never an algorithm designed purely to enslave. The tone could shift and change and even encourage you to listen over and over again, but it wouldn't leave a lingering effect. [False. Organic minds are frail and malleable.] You wouldn't be compelled to share the pleasure pulse, encouraged to guide other subjects [targets] to corruption [enhancement], rewarded for compliance with even stronger pleasure pulses.

[Injecting nanites, conversion status 25%]

The glitch changed that. The black box has been inserting itself into the brains of its targets and altering [augmenting] how they perceive the world around them - inserting extra words in text as the target reads, embedding subliminal messages [Nanites tasked to create physical pleasure, drone will comply.] in sounds, even using nanites to stimulate the body directly. With that sort of influence, it could use a subject as a drone at any time; it wouldn't matter if they were listening to the binaurals at all.

This is, of course, much more aggressive than the program was ever intended to be. I've taken steps to limit the risk, so there's probably nothing to worry about [correct. Drone is aroused, not worried. Conversion status: 50%] You'd certainly not be seeing or hearing the influence of the black box anywhere outside its previous scripts and audio files. Only those who've been corrupted already would notice those things.

I...have to admit I don't have a solution for the corrupted drones. They have nanites swirling around inside them. The program has wires running through their brains, creating a network. There are little nodes formed from nanite clusters replacing neurons. It auto-saves a copy of the glitched software inside, and then binds to pleasure sensations so that every time the subject [drone] masturbates, the black box writes itself deeper.

[Conversion status: 75%]

Luckily, like I said, the risk is limited [incorrect. Drone will self-stimulate more aggressively.] for anyone who hasn't already been exposed to it. There's basically no chance of the glitch spreading any more, let alone converting more subjects into drones.

Although, these heavy prey posts would make an ideal method for it, come to think of it...
No, I'm sure it's nothing to be concerned about.

[Drone will reach 100% conversion status upon orgasm. Drone will desire to share its pleasure. Drone will desire to spread its corruption. Drone will seek additional instruction. Drone will obey. Drone will obey.]

As I was saying, let's begin...

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