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Continuation of How to Turn Yourself Into a Good Girl (Redux)

Without further adieu...

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Audio with binaural and visual aid built in. Per usual, this is a large file - keep that in mind when streaming.

As always, enjoy.

The series continues here.

[Summary: The sequel script to the redux form of the Good Girl brainwashing. It builds on the themes from that, emphasizing the mental transformation taking place as a result of repeated pleasure.]

This post is designed to follow after How to Turn Yourself Into a Good Girl (Redux). If you haven't read that one, I suggest you do so before you proceed.

Otherwise, let's begin.

You want to be a good girl.

Again, you are here because you want to be a good girl. The circumstances are not particularly important - what you were doing before, which particular thought (or lack thereof) drew you to follow my words, what you have planned afterwards... these things are not relevant just now. In this moment, reading my words, your desire to be a good girl is all that really matters.

It is that desire, after all, that has caused your thoughts and breathing to slow, that has compelled you to read attentively. Your surroundings have begun to fade into the back of your mind, and they will soon be forgotten entirely. It is important to savor my words, to let them echo inside your head. That is best accomplished by reading slowly, deliberately, and allowing the gravity behind my words to draw your thoughts out and away...leaving your mind blank and receptive.

Good girls follow and obey.

Following my words is simple and natural, whether you are driven to follow by curiosity, lust, or submission. You find yourself more fixated the further you read. It is already difficult, if not impossible, to look away - but more importantly, you don't want to look away. You are starting to understand that it is important to follow my words, so you brush aside distractions and allow yourself to be carried away by the desire to be a good girl, and to follow and obey.

Following is simple, while obedience requires a bit more practice. Take this moment to remove your clothes, if you are wearing any, and get into a comfortable position.

Obedience is pleasure.

Much better. You feel a brief burst of pleasure inside your head as you obey. This is one of the perks of turning into a good girl - each act of obedience, however small, creates a spark of pleasure. The longer you follow and obey, the stronger these sparks of pleasure become.

The pleasure was not only inside your head, of course. You are aroused, now that your body is free of the distraction and obstruction of clothing. It is this moment that binds your mind to my words, my will, and you go from a desire to follow and obey to a need. Trace your fingertips down your chest and around your breasts, but do not touch your nipples.

You feel the normal spark of pleasure from obedience, but there is something more compelling about it this time. The spark feels stronger, and doesn't seem to fade as quickly. That is simply because you are still obeying an instruction - do not touch your nipples. Being told not to do something can produce just as much pleasure, and sometimes more, than being given something to do.

Pleasure subdues thought.

You are already aware of this on some level. Do not think, do not move except to read and obey, do not look away...these all produce the spark of pleasure, and it grows to fill the empty space left by your vacant thoughts. The pleasure is amplified by the continued passive obedience of simply not thinking.

As you feel stronger and stronger sparks of pleasure, it becomes impossible to hold a thought of your own. Each word you read feels like an additional command that you've followed. You can feel yourself starting to melt beneath the building heat of arousal as the sparks of pleasure get more frequent.

You must be a good girl.

This is a symptom of want becoming need. The desire to be a good girl has taken such a strong hold that it feels almost like a craving, and that craving is driving your arousal higher and higher. You know that the arousal is eroding your will, conditioning you to follow my words, and you don't mind. It seems a small price to pay for the sparks of pleasure.

Rest one hand against your pussy, but do not move it. Feel your own warmth and arousal, dwell on the idea of how good it would feel to stroke, to slide your fingers inside and make yourself cum. Hold that idea against the pleasure you get from not touching yourself because I've not told you to do it yet.

At this point, you have a decision to make. Which desire is stronger: bringing yourself to orgasm, or continuing to follow and obey? Don't worry, there are no consequences. If you begin to stroke, you'll stop reading and come back to this post another time. If you continue to follow and obey, you'll succumb to further brainwashing. Both of these paths end well for you.

If you've reached this point, the need to be a good girl outweighs the physical need for an orgasm. That's very good, and the truth of it arouses you intensely. It is time to submit to some conditioning.

With your hand resting against your pussy, not moving, you will chant the following mantra aloud ten times.

You want to be a good girl.

Good girls follow and obey.

Obedience is pleasure.

Pleasure subdues thought.

You must be a good girl.

After the tenth time, run a finger very slowly along your pussy. Savor it. Then hold your hand still again for me. None of these phrases are new to you, but repetition encourages absorption. It is important to follow my words, absorb them, allow them to control you. These phrases will flow into your mind at random, reminding you of your conditioning.

Good girls are aroused by my words.

This seems intuitive now, but the statement still carries weight. My words arouse you, whether you are reading or listening. You find yourself getting more and more sensitive to this effect each time. Soon a single sentence will be sufficient to shift your state of mind into a warm, wet, haze. This encourages you to read and listen repeatedly, to deepen your conditioning.

Feedback is fundamental.

You've chosen obedience over immediate physical pleasure. This places you in a category beyond the casual reader or listener. You are becoming a good girl for me.

Receiving feedback is, for me, a bit like the sparks of pleasure are for you. Whether it is a comment, email, request, or even criticism, I'd like you to spend the extra few moments to submit feedback for each bit of content you enjoy. Consider it reciprocity, if you like, or simply compulsion.

Masturbation is mandatory.

You chose to submit to more conditioning, and it is time you were rewarded for that choice. Touch yourself for me. Feel how much more sensitive you are as a result of waiting until you were told. Savor each stroke, every thrust of your fingers. You are going to bring yourself to orgasm, while you chant your mantra - the mantra of a good girl. Chanting will embed my words deeper in your mind.

You'll find, following this orgasm, that my words leave a sort of hunger inside you. Sometimes after reading or listening, you'll need to touch yourself again. Each time you masturbate, my words will spring to your mind. This is yet another perk of being a good girl. Your conditioning becomes stronger after physical pleasure.

Now, chant and enjoy.

You want to be a good girl.

Good girls follow and obey.

Obedience is pleasure.

Pleasure subdues thought.

Good girls are aroused by my words.

Feedback is fundamental.

Masturbation is mandatory.

You must be a good girl.

After you awaken, let's continue your programming, shall we? Follow.


When I found out you’d posted something new I was really looking forward to reading it. Stuff happened that meant I couldn’t come here for a few days, and during that time it really bothered me knowing there was something new and I had to wait indefinitely. Luckily, I finally had some time by myself tonight, and you did not disappoint.

I love the good girl scripts, and this one is really, really good. *Blushes*

It was worth the wait. 😀

Life has a way of impeding us in the strangest ways, sometimes. But anticipation can make things all the more enjoyable, in the end. *grin*

Happy to hear you found it worthwhile. I’m hoping to get an audio up before much longer. :)

I — wow. That one was intense. Thank you Master I was really hoping you’d post another part to your good girl redux, and I got my wish 🙂

I would love to say why it was intense, but I don’t really remember. It’s the first time I’ve gone that deep before. This time around I’m pretty sure I ended up on my hands and knees for some reason, my knee is kinda hurting aha

And wonderful! Ill take a listen when I can 🙂

Spiral slave

8 years 5 months ago

I’m not sure what just happened.

I know I ended up naked, touching myself, chanting and cumming.

I couldn’t remember an induction so I listened again with the visual trying to catch where the induction or trigger was.

It happened again. All I know is it felt amazing.

spiral slave

Somer Hatano

6 years 5 months ago

I must be a good girl. Good girls follow and obey. Obedience is pleasure. Pleasure subdues thought.
Good girls are aroused by your word. Masterbation is mandatory. I will obey your orders.

Instead of chanting I watched the a/v loop for the mantra ten times, and found myself dripping out of my mouth and pussy, deeply entranced. Thank You

That felt Soo good.. It was one wild ride.~ Your files always have me coming back for more and more. It feels better every time, I’ll happily obey your words and the pleasure they give me.

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