So, you want to be a good girl?

A lot of the erotic hypnosis I've done over the years has had that theme somewhere or another, so it's safe to say you've come to the right place. In fact, there are two fully separate versions of that brainwashing for you to enjoy: the old, and the redux (revised.)

Below, you'll find all of the components of the "Good Girl" series - both the old and the new texts, followed by links to the audio/video files for the new series.

Following that, there is a playlist featuring all of the "Good Girl" audio content - I highly encourage listening to it from start to finish, if you find yourself with enough time. Brainwashing is good for you, after all.

Original texts:

Original audio files:

New texts and audio/video files:

The player for this playlist is fairly straightforward, and while you'll have to open a new tab to keep it going if you want to stare into a spiral or something...somehow, I don't think you'll mind.

As always, enjoy.



Wonderfully riveting hypnosis, the use of 'good girl/s' brought me deeper and deeper in my submission and trance. Very easy to listen and follow also, thank you Master

I wanna be a good girl, Master <3 I love the text files- you have such a way with words. Good girls obey, obedience is pleasure <3

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