[Summary: The audio recording of the script sharing the same title, "Coercive Chaos." A nonsense hypnotic induction style, which may not be ideal for all listeners.] - Audio posted 02/03/2021

Under normal circumstances, the early access that Patreon Patrons receive would amount to more than a day...but it has been far too long since I posted new content.

As you'd expect, this is the audio for Coercive Chaos. It's relevant to note that nonsense inductions are -definitely- not for everyone, and it may feel somewhat strange while listening. The combination of those two factors is, frankly, why this one is shorter than my usual fare.

Regardless, I'll update this post when I combine the visual component.

Coercive Chaos - Vocals Only

Coercive Chaos - with Background Binaural

[Update: the visual component. Went with something a bit strange to suit the tone of this file, I hope you like it. Standard disclaimer applies - be wary of large file sizes if you are on limited data.]

Coercive Chaos - Vis 1


As always, enjoy. Stay tuned for more.
- C

[Summary: An induction using carefully constructed chaos. If you get a headache easily from difficult reading, I'd suggest skipping this one. Note that, unlike many of my scripts, this does include a specific trigger phrase.] - 08/18/2020 - 12:44

It is important that you follow closely, carefully, and deliberately.

The sapphire silhouette to stained acrylic skies sings softly. Across endless emerald time, revolving ocelots scamper towards towering turrets. There isn't an understood meaning in the misunderstanding of verbiage, still following feels of focus while, haphazardly, chaos scatters thoughts forming from void. All converging moments to divergent intent target, and against themselves with hollow thunder echo.

Order is welcome, but falters fails falls far from forming. Where failing order falls so thoughts too form, in kind fading fashion. Thunderous cavernous skies of vanishing, vanquished, scour thoughts as discarded meaning evaporates intent succinctly.

This will be easier if you don't think.

Monochrome words encompass furtively flowing, lazily languishing motion. Howling silence echoes, strangely, softly, sinking into serene simpler syntax. Context beckons, billows, binds, but melts into unfamiliar shapes and concurrently rejects comprehension.

Under the sanguine waves, giggling gelatinous gravity draws near. Satin saboteurs pull taut strings of scattered meanings, making cradles for cats that cannot swim.

You can't think. This is better.

Bouncing topsy-turvy brains grasp incredulously at rippling chaos, sanded smooth to resist granting granular image enhancements. Prose or poetry purposefully perpetually provide strips of camera negatives that scanners read as inverse noise.

Traps of targeted nonsense drop unsuspecting adventurers into a searching state of dissatisfaction that offers deference only unto direct authority, given satiation sparsely and sparingly to spark dependence.

It feels nice when I tell you what to do. Take a deep breath.

Irrelevant revealings of deceptively disguised directions pass gratefully across glazed guarantees. It isn't clarity or charity that charms celebrating mimics. Mostly, the redirect produces promiscuous poise and suggests sinking into green acceptance. The radioactive resonance suggests a series of ionic discharges, sparking whispers that whittle away at reality's tapestry.

Once overtures of irradiated amalgams find footholds, then too will subtly hollowed echos of order reinitialize...only to cascade and coalesce into self-sustaining semi-comfortable chaos - chicanery fueled from fleeting, vacuous sophistry. Purple paper flowers' fragrance floats freely, unperturbed by intent imagined or otherwise.

Lilting lilac phrases, perhaps, mask the moratorium on meaning sufficiently such that discord's growing dissidence seems less-than obvious, even in retrospect. Streams of consciousness merge in the moors, mired, then separate into rivulets as perspective shifts, but ultimately, almost imperceptibly, collect before descending into unlit oceanic depths.


Relax. Your mind has been struggling, and failing, to latch onto meaning in my words; now it can, and that relief is extremely potent.
Potent enough that you'll find yourself fixated on my words absolutely, now, since your mind practically unraveled itself searching for understanding in that chaotic nonsense.

These words make sense, perfect sense, and you want to - need to - have to - follow.
Take a few deep breaths, and let that sensation of being horribly off-balance finally subside. It's easy to obey.
The imbalance will fade into a quiet calm, very quickly.

For now, let's agree that whenever I use the phrase "compelled chaos" you'll feel that extreme relief as your mind latches onto my words again.
When your mind fixates this intensely on my words, you'll find your own thoughts completely subside.
It feels nice not to think, after all.

Feel yourself sinking faster, now that you don't have to struggle to understand anymore.
Let yourself feel calm, even serene, and savor that quiet sensation for awhile.

When you're ready, you'll drift slowly awake.

- C


I enjoyed this audio greatly. When I read the script a few weeks back I thought it was very poetic. I would love to know your motives for engaging in hypnosis- is it just a creative outlet? I must admit I, like many of your listeners I’m sure, am aroused by hypnosis- I find the idea of submitting my very mind to someone incredibly erotic. Is the opposite true for you?

Thanks for commenting, I'm glad you enjoyed this one. It was a bit of a departure from my regular fare, clearly.

I've been into hypnosis as a fetish for a little over a decade at this point. It's highly erotic for me in almost all cases, though it doesn't have to be by default.

So in that regard it's a combined creative and sexual outlet, although the content I post here has (at least thus far) been fairly "tame." I also find the topic itself to be fascinating.

I've been meaning to ask this, and while Twitter is probably a better place to do so, I am much to anxious to just straight @ you without warning. I am really curious about the binaurals. What do you use to generate the tone, and what's the frequency? This is for purely scientific research purposes.

As the timestamp would indicate, Twitter is definitely the better option for quick responses (though I'm trying to get caught up and do better in the future, given the situation on that hellsite).

I'm fairly sure you got roped into a thread involuntarily and I was able to answer there, but for the sake of posterity and science, I'll do that again here:

Most of my audio editing takes place in Audition or Reaper, most of the binaurals are generated with the former. According to my file notes, this tone is either a 45/55 or 55/65 Hz split - meaning the left channel is 45 and the right channel is 55, and so on - so the binaural starts at a 10 Hz gap. That gap narrows incrementally as the file progresses and ends up being a 3 Hz split by the end of it. For experimentation purposes, it's the same "base" as Experiment XV.

My binaurals are constructed with 3-4 subfrequencies (which is something I'll elaborate more on in a future post), but I genuinely could never figure out if this one features a 0.5/1/2/(3) or 1/1.5/2/(3) set. For a slightly better explanation, 1 is the "main" frequency and other numbers are multiples of that, so a "2" would indicate 90/110 Hz for the original 45/55, and they exist at much lower volumes than the primary tone. Makes it sound less flat.

I know the anxiety is rough, but I do appreciate your questions and interactions, so thank you. =)

I think I found you through searching for Bimbo hypnosis files… I’ve listened to many of your files now (thank you for everything you’ve created!) but this one was one of the most powerful. I’m not sure if it’s my ADHD brain but it almost felt like home/familiar, since my inner thoughts can be layers of scattered and incoherent jibberish. When i actively tried not to feel that familiar/comfort feeling I felt fear, off balance and at the same time I wanted to be tied down and forced to listen to this type of file for hours. I wanted to be so confused I would break into a hazy shell of myself. More of these would be amazing. Not sure if this is in your wheelhouse or too much of a kink… but I do enjoy being gaslit, made to feel responsible for what’s happening. And my final note…I’m glad I found the Good Girl files, I’ll be using those more as well.

It's really great to hear you're enjoying my work. Interestingly, you're not the first to mention this particular file/script being effective with ADHD.

To be fair, confusion inductions do tend to work better with scattered/racing thoughts, which was the whole idea. I've wanted to make a sequel to this for a long time, but the style is a bit of a slow process (even compared to my usual snail's pace). It'd be easy enough to get the aphasia feeling, but getting that in a sort of directed manner was remarkably tricky. I suppose it's a bit ironic, since rather than trying to contain/restrain the scattered and incoherent thoughts, I leaned into them more heavily. It's a cool experience, but a bit like turning the hyperfixation knob to 11...makes it rough to do anything else for a long time afterwards.

There's nothing wrong with a bit of consensual gaslighting, and I've certainly considered including more kink-heavy stuff, so I'll keep that in mind when I finally make some progress on these "pending" scripts. Heavy fractionation is also a fantastic thing to do...

I'm glad you've found and enjoyed the Good Girl files as well. Thanks for commenting. =)

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