[A/V Summary: This post marks my decision to create combined audio/visual content. The audio is of the script sharing its name, but from here forward the visual components are no longer a separate file or image.] - A/V posted 04/30/2015 - 19:01

Since there are some issues with playing two files at once and a bit of a skip in the video loop, I've merged the video loop with the audio files for convenience.

That being said, the main audio - Good Girl (Redux) - combined with video is a rather large file. I suggest steering clear of it if you are on limited mobile data. The mantra should be fairly manageable.

Without further adieu...

The mantra alone:

Note: as with the prior clip, right-click and select "Loop" to enable looping for optimal brainwashing

The Good Girl (Redux) audio with visual enhancement:

Enjoy, and continue your training here.

- C

[Audio Summary: An audio recording of the script with the same name, as well as a shorter recording of the mantra from that script. This post also introduces the idea of a looping visual as part of the brainwashing.] - Audio posted 04/26/2015 - 02:48

Bit of a bonus, here.

First, there is the basic script for your listening pleasure.

Once you've listened, you can focus on the isolated patterns (with a nice background binaural to enhance arousal.)

...and to assist your enjoyment of the above bits of brainwashing, a video loop to play as you listen.
Note: to enable the loop, you should be able to right click on the video frame and select "Loop" from the context menu.

(Video loop is not mine. It is provided courtesy of MotionLoops. If you enjoy it, or want to use it in the creation of your own content, I encourage checking them out. Great stuff.)

As always, enjoy.

[Summary: This script returns to the concept of the (much older) Good Girl brainwashing, and starts a new "set" of that brainwashing. Obedience is linked very directly to physical pleasure and arousal, and a mantra is constructed as you are encouraged to become a good girl, then told to bring yourself to orgasm.]

Sometimes, as a concept grows and evolves, it becomes a bit convoluted. Mixed up with unrelated notions, branching into areas it wasn't originally meant to go. Some of those areas help to shape and alter the original concept, give it more depth...but the growth must be pruned, or it is likely to spread itself too thin in every direction.

In those moments, it is often wise to recenter. Strip away the excess and focus on the basic tenets that motivate us.

It is here that we find ourselves. Shall we begin?

The goal here is simplicity, so let's look at what motivates you.

You are here because you want to be a good girl. Whether you are simply curious about the concept, drawn to my words, or even previously devoted to that goal, the fundamental truth remains the same.

The first step on that path is to relax. This is especially simple - it will happen naturally as you read. There are benefits to fixation, after all: the way your breathing becomes slower and more steady, the way your surroundings fade into the back of your perception as my words take the forefront, the subtle unwinding of tension throughout your body as you settle in to finish this post.

That fixation is achieved by allowing yourself to succumb to the power of my words, allowing yourself to follow and obey. You'll find this especially easy if you've read my words previously - you are already letting your thoughts quiet, feeling the weight of my words inside your head...noticing the way they pull you down towards that comfortable blankness. Even without reading my words previously, you can feel the attraction at the edge of your mind, drawing closer...becoming a force in your mind, just as gravity grasps at your body.

You want to be a good girl.

We know that you want to be a good girl, but what, precisely, does that require? For you, it only demands that you follow and obey. My words will handle the rest, slowly changing your behavior - brainwashing you, if you prefer to think of it that way. But to follow and obey is not a static thing; obedience is rewarded. More to the point, each moment you follow and obey results in a feeling of pleasure, each act of obedience deepens that pleasure.

Obedience is pleasure. 

To feel that deepening of pleasure, you'll need a command to follow - strip. I could tell you that your clothes are becoming uncomfortable, that your skin is starting to flush and they are making you feel too warm; ultimately, that doesn't matter. You are going to remove your clothes because you were told - all other reasons are fleeting. You find yourself compelled to obey, and as you obey you feel that spark of pleasure in your mind.

Good girls would rather obey than think.

This brings us to the next point. You don't receive that sort of pleasure from thinking, but from obeying. The more you obey, the stronger this association becomes, leading to the inevitable conclusion that you prefer obeying to thinking. This will make it easier for your mind to reach that blank state that we both desire. Blank, receptive, fixated on my words. You are starting to feel the desire to be a good girl as a tangible thing, a craving, a hunger. Let it draw you deeper, as you follow and obey.

Good girls must follow and obey.

You have been following my words, and it is time for another command to obey. Become aroused. This is purely for the benefit of receiving the spark of pleasure from obedience - we both know you are already aroused. That is the nature of wanting to be a good girl, of knowing that you took off your clothes because you were told. Let's do something with that, then. Touch yourself. Let your hand move to wherever it can give you the most physical pleasure - and treat each stroke, each squeeze, every movement of your fingers as an individual command that you must obey. The spark, repeating like this, becomes rapidly addictive. The pleasure grows more potent.

Obedience is pleasure, pleasure subdues thought.

You aren't thinking very much, right now. The more you follow and obey, the more pleasure you receive. The more pleasure you feel, the more difficult it becomes to think. You prefer to obey, anyway, so you allow your thoughts to be slowly, seductively, silenced. You do not want to think anymore, after all. You find following my words preferable to your own thoughts, almost as though my words are replacing your thoughts. This lets you relax more deeply, and focus on how good that arousal feels. Focus on obedience. Focus on becoming a good girl.

Stripping and touching yourself are good commands, they communicate the nature of being a good girl quite well. But we need a bit more for this to begin your transformation. You are getting too aroused to read very easily, even though you can no longer look away from my words. You find yourself transfixed, staring blankly at the screen as you follow and obey - this notion deepens your arousal even further. My words penetrate your mind, sinking deep and compelling you.

We can now create a mantra - the mantra of a good girl. You will find this mantra gets stuck in your head, that repeating it gives you a very special sort of pleasure. You will find yourself drawn to strip, touch, and chant, even as you feel the mantra slowly changing you.

You want to be a good girl.

Good girls follow and obey.

Obedience is pleasure.

Good girls would rather obey than think.

You do not want to think.

You want to be a good girl.

Obedience is pleasure.

Pleasure subdues thought.

You must be a good girl.

Recite your mantra, absorb it. As you chant, feel the arousal begin to crescendo. Let the sparks of pleasure chain together and build. Bring yourself to orgasm, and make that orgasm the sign of your submission to the mantra, of your desire to become a good girl for me.

As the orgasm subsides, continue to stare blankly at the screen, reciting your mantra, touching yourself more slowly. Soon, you'll drift back towards consciousness. Once awake, you may continue with your day as normal.

Or you may notice that you are drawn back to the mantra, to my words. Notice that it is much easier to succumb now, to slip into the thought(less) patterns of a good girl.

In either case, enjoy.

And in either case, continue your journey here.



Seems like two things can’t play at once, for me at least, meaning that the video loop couldn’t play whilst listening. 🙁

Still, this was nice. Thanks. 😀

I wanna be a good girl. good girl follows and obey. obedience is pleasure. Pleasure subduess thought.
I need not to think .Just obey. masturbation is mandatory. feed back is fundamental.
I will obey.

As with my other recent comments, I'm sorry this reply comes so late.

That said, I'm glad you found the repetition/brainwashing so very pleasant,  and I hope you enjoyed going through all of it in a loop.

Thanks for commenting. =)

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