The notion of producing more audio files is nice, and when thinking about the Good Girl scripts, I remembered a recording I made some time ago.

I may continue producing files along these lines to supplement the Good Girl scripts.

I may also explore other lines of thought manipulation. This depends largely on the sort of feedback I receive.

As always, enjoy,



I realize this is such an old post but I come back to it often! I originally listened to it out of curiosity b/c I typically would get an 'I feel weird while repeating stuff out loud' feeling during hypnosis files that command you to speak. But this entire file is just repeating, so it didn't feel weird due to context.

And then, it just became a file I love listening to b/c I, unexpectedly, started dropping into trance during it. Now, I drop into trance much earlier in it and I naturally refer to you as master from the very first time I'm supposed to say, "you." It's happening before I repeat that I will refer to you as master, so that clearly developed from repetition, I guess. (For context, I don't typically jump to saying "master" when listening to hypnosis files.)

It's been fun to feel this evolution! And it's extremely fun to drop into trance from your own repeating of someone else's words. I thought I'd share in case you thought such an old file doesn't get much attention! :-)

There's something deeply satisfying about having your words repeated, which I suspect is largely responsible for the prevalence of those instructions.

I've found that creating a progression with that "mantra" idea in mind is really helpful, both for retention and the gradual conditioning it provides, as you noticed with the title (which I do hope is comfortable).

I'm always pleasantly surprised to see the older stuff get views and comments, so thank you (and I'm sorry the reply comes so late). =)

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