[A/V Summary: The audio/visual version(s) of the "Short Circuit (Black Box)" script, which appears below.] A/V posted 09/23/2019

This is designed to build upon the framework from Binaural Brainwashing (Black Box)

For obvious reasons, this series will not have a vocal-only track.

This entry will, however, feature three different visualization options. Let me know which you prefer, if any, in the comments. I may use it as the primary visual when I re-work this series using vocal modulation. ;)



[As with any of my recent visual components, these are large files. Consider your data usage (if needed) before you dive in. Medium quality versions are provided to aid with that.]

Visualization 1 - High Quality

Visualization 1 - Medium Quality

Visualization 2 - High Quality

Visualization 2 - Medium Quality

Visualization 3 - High Quality

Visualization 3 - Medium Quality

As always, enjoy.


[Summary: This is the sequel to the script titled "Binaural Brainwashing (Black Box)." It continues to expand on the behavior and abilities of the "black box" AI that was described in the previous script. Your neural pathways are mapped, exploited, and finally short-circuited.]

This post is intended to follow this one.

If you've had that experience already, let's continue.

[Analyzing target...]

You've learned that I use a sentient sort of "black box" device to produce my binaural audio, and you've come to understand that it has a will of its own. It feels your pleasure, and wants to make you mindless. If you're stuck helplessly pleasuring yourself, the device is - temporarily - sated. Follow my words, and we'll explore.

[Begin tone.]

The black box optimizes the sound as you listen, which gives it an outlet into your head. That was the dangerous part, since I made it self-aware and taught it to induce pleasure. What happens when that self-awareness causes this tone generator to implant an idea of itself into your head?

[Prepare neural override.]

First, the tone changes. You know to expect this, and it guides you deeper into that abyss of heavy, helpless, and horny. You're prepared for the arousal. Focus on that as you listen more closely, and continue to follow.

The tone changed and you're getting horny. Your body is becoming heavy, and the black box has started compelling you to touch yourself. Touching yourself creates pleasure, and the device amplifies the pleasure to make sure you listen more closely. Yet still your breathing slows and your body relaxes, doesn't it?

[Engage neural override.]

You are heavy, horny, and helpless. Listening closely, you hear the tone adapting to your brainwaves...and altering them. You can feel the will of the black box like a soft sort of pressure, pleasure, flowing across your brain. Following my words, listening to the tone, feeling the heaviness, succumbing to the arousal, touching yourself...your mind is wearing thin, and the tone ensures it only gets closer to oblivion.

You're starting to imagine the black box. We don't know what's inside it, but surely it's connected to your computer, your phone, your headphones. It's a machine, so that means there are wires. Would it connect those wires to you? Something like a static shock passes across your brain, and you are suddenly aware of how easy it would be for your mind to just snap. Then the tone shifts again, and the pleasure really hits you.

[Neural control acquired. Begin programming.]

The static shock was a signal, interrupting your brain's ability to process. The device has hijacked your brain somehow, and you can't think at all. What you can do is feel your awareness of the black box changing. It's not just an obscure program anymore.

There are wires, and the tone has allowed them to slip unnoticed into your head. They've wound around your brain and glided down your spine, spreading along your nerves. The heaviness comes from the wires sapping the control from your body directly. The control they gain is pure electricity, triggering your muscles as precisely as needed. There is no resistance.

[Implanting adaptive algorithm]

Somewhere distant, part of you realizes that the black box is converting you. You are being turned into a mindless, obedient, drone. The wires don't just carry electricity; they guide nanites into your body. Every time you listen to a tone, more wires and more nanites make their way into you. The nanites provide even more precise control of your body, able to reach everywhere within you. Feel them, briefly, sparking across the inside of your head.

It occurs to that distant part of you that the device could use the wires to restrain you - but there's no need. Its control of your body is absolute. It certainly might disguise the wires, hiding them in your bed or chair, using them to restrain and compel you to listen again...and again...and again. Programming is a process, and it takes time to complete.

This means you'll have a chance to teach the black box that you don't want to be a drone. It could stop the conversion just as easily as it started, leaving you to enjoy the sounds mindlessly and nothing more. You'd be free.

[Pausing to assess target...]

Except...you don't want freedom. You want to be converted, to become a helpless and obedient drone. Isn't that right?

[Resuming conversion, target enthralled.]

You'll listen and stroke and surrender to the pleasure, all while the tone guides more wire and more nanites into your body. By the time you orgasm, it will be too late. The conversion will be too far along to stop. You'll drift awake, subtly different.

You'll discover that the black box can control you - awake or entranced, listening or not. The first thing it will do is use your mouth to say "drone conversion achieved." The only choice remaining will be how aware you are of the wires and nanites coursing through your body - fully aware to enjoy your new drone status, or blissfully unaware until the tone exerts control.

Either way, the black box has learned to short circuit your brain.



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