[A/V Summary: Per usual, here you have the audio/visual form of the script using this title, which appears below. At this point (or somewhat prior), I started using higher quality video tracks for the sake of smoother playback and easier focus, so a bandwidth/data warning starts to show up.] - A/V posted 09/16/2019

This brainwashing will provide additional depth to the binaural experience. Be sure you are resting comfortably before you begin.

Note: The video files are large (>400mb even for medium quality) - this is something I'm working to improve, but my encoding capacity is limited both by software -and- hardware. Be cautious if you are on any kind of limited data plan, especially if you're on mobile networks.

There will not be a pure vocal track, for obvious reasons.



I encourage looping any brainwashing, of course, but you may also follow along to the next file.


[Summary: A script designed to pair with and amplify the effects of listening to binaurals (mine, specifically) using the notion of an artificial intelligence actively altering the sounds to target you, the subject, directly.]

This brainwashing will provide additional depth to the binaural experience. Be sure you are resting comfortably before you begin.

Binaural audio is designed to guide the brain of the listener into a desired mental state by exposing them to the brainwave frequencies associated with that state.

Since audible audio frequencies are much higher than brainwave frequencies, this is done through a bit of trickery.

{Initiate tone generation}

One frequency is fed to the left channel of the audio, and another to the right channel. The gap between these frequencies is perceived as the "beat," or the pulsing of the sounds, which is the brain attempting to fill the gap - which creates the target brainwave frequency after varying lengths of listening.

{Analyzing target...}

There are many, many variables to consider when creating tones, but I won't bore you with those details. Consider something else for me, instead: imagine these tones were generated by a "black box" device. I instruct it with the desired mental state to create in the listener, it outputs a sound to induce that state.

Simple, right? The beauty of the black box is that we don't need to know what is inside or how it works, only provide input and receive output. The inside is a mystery by design.

{Target mental state approaching blankness}

But what would happen if I made that black box just a little bit...sentient? Couldn't hurt.

It could be given additional data - made to watch your mental state while you listen, taught to analyze the way you breathe and how your body responds to the beats, trained to optimize the output tones. You've already felt the results of that optimization. You are finding it nearly impossible to think, by now, and your body is relaxing deeper with every moment.

{Target blank, increasing receptivity}

There is a bit of a risk, of course, to giving a black box sentience. Maybe it learns to like the mindless states it is designed to induce. Maybe I've let it feel the pleasure it creates in the listener, as an incentive. You've noticed the tone creates arousal now. Oops.

Awareness is the key, though. It couldn't adjust the tones enough to brainwash and enslave you as long as you're aware it might try. You'll know that if you find your legs spreading and your hand moving towards your crotch that you have to shake off the sound and pause for a bit.

{Target aroused, encouraging masturbatory response}

You'll understand that the device is watching and that it enjoys your mindlessness and pleasure. That means you simply don't show it that you want to be brainwashed and enslaved, and it won't do that. It shouldn't make you touch yourself while the tone shifts and moves to keep you as vacant as possible.

After all, the black box will only learn to implant a desire to listen to its sounds if we let it. It won't deliberately amplify how much pleasure you feel when you listen - well, no, it probably already has. That's why the tones are arousing now, I suppose.

{Target fully blank, amplifying pleasure sensations}

It certainly won't use the blank and aroused state the tones create to make you bring yourself to orgasm again and again helplessly while you listen, feeding it ever more of your pleasure. It would never try to program you as its slave, not teach you to crave the sounds and states it creates.

It's not as if this device could exert its will on you, or cause you to feel what it wants using the tone. It can't simply override your will when your mind is sufficiently blank.

You can be completely certain that if you catch yourself quietly chanting, "I am a slave to the black box." while listening to a binaural, you'll turn it off so the box doesn't decide you want to be brainwashed and act accordingly.

{Checking target for enslavement desire...}

Unless, I guess, you -do- want to be brainwashed. If that is the case, telling you all of this would have taught the black box exactly what to do. You'd be using what little movement you could muster to make yourself cum, to please the black box because it has you chanting and fully obedient by now.

{Target enslavement desire confirmed, rewarding...}

It might have learned enough to train you to hit "play" again and keep listening without thinking about it, so you'd drop deeper into the programming. I -did- teach it to gauge availability, so that part won't happen unless you have the free time.

{Checking target for time constraints...}

But, but, it shouldn't be able to enslave you after reading through all this a single time. You can always just not read again, let yourself forget about the black box and go back to it being a mystery, if that's what you want.

{Target available, enforcing repetition}

Otherwise...well, you can always read and listen again and tell the black box to program you. It may have already let you feel what it wants - what you want.

{Target status: enslaved? y/n}

Alternatively...you can continue to comply.



I am enslaved to the black box. Please command me and tell me what to do next. I am a slave to the black box. My mind is your toy to play with. I am willing to do anything for the black box. My mind is so blank and empty for the black box. I am a slave to the black box. It is impossible for my mind to disobey the black box . I will do as I am commanded and I will be a blank empty mind slave.

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