[Summary: This is the audio/visual form of the fourth (4th) of the "new" good girl brainwashing series.]

This builds on older files, such as:

If you've experienced those, let's continue.

You want to feel like a good girl, hm?


Audio file


[Note that the visualizations (especially these, since the length is nearly 20 minutes) are very large files. Be cautious with your data usage if you have limitations on it.]

Visualization 1 - High Quality

Video file

Visualization 1 - Medium Quality

Video file

Visualization 2 - High Quality

Video file

Visualization 2 - Medium Quality

Video file

...and obey.

As always, enjoy.


[Additional note: I'm including multiple visualizations for the sake of variety, but absolutely let me know if you have a favorite - or even if there are some that you don't like for whatever reason. Per usual, the more feedback, the better.]


good girls obey. it took me a while to stumble upon your audios... which is insane bc i have such an intense hypnokink. ill be ready and obedient for your next audio master.

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Submitted by Chris on Tue, 09/17/2019 - 00:12