[Summary: Audio and video versions of the Serpent's Coils script from the Heavy Prey series. This is the first time I explored different "voices" in my audio content.]

This was an interesting recording to make for a lot of reasons. I haven't done one quite like it before.

So feedback is, as always, highly encouraged. I won't pretend it didn't feel a bit silly during some moments, but I hope the effect translates well.

Vocals alone:

Audio file

With binaural:

Audio file

Fulfilling my word on getting visual components attached to all of these audios, now that I have a setup capable of encoding more properly.
The usual warning applies - these are large files (~400-500mb) so use caution if you are on mobile/limited data. I'll be including two versions as a test of different encoding methods, so please let me know if there's a significant difference between them.

Version 1 (Standard):

Video file

Version 1 (HEVC):

Video file

As always, enjoy.



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Submitted by Chris on Sat, 10/26/2019 - 04:51