[Summary: Audio recording of the script with the same title. Visual component to be added.]

Without further adieu, I'm happy to present the audio recording of The Descent.

Vocals alone:

Audio file

With Binaural:

Audio file

[Edit: now featuring visuals.]

The Descent - with binaural, with visual:

Video file


As always, enjoy.



Whooooaaaa. That was cool. I listened to your script with the binaurals, but didn't watch the visual. I'm very curious what the binaurals were intending to do specifically. Very commonly for me when I'm falling under for a hypnosis audio file is losing a battle of keeping my eyes open; it naturally becomes a part of my experience. So much so, I'm actually disappointed when a file tells me to close my eyes before the hypnotizing begins. Hahaha Different for me during your file with the binaurals was my eyes rolled back long before my eyelids became too heavy to keep open. I realized it in several different moments, which was a new, and fun, experience. I also had a number of moments where I recognized your words had been bypassing my conscious mind. I know that gets discussed a lot in hypnosis, but I think I'm usually quite focused on what's being said. Those differences are what make me curious if I was being impacted by the binaurals, or if the frame of mind I was in when I started the file is the bigger influence. So interesting! Thank you for sharing! It felt super good and was fun. :-)

That's fantastic! Thank you for commenting.

Without going into too much detail, the majority of my binaural components target very "low" brainwave states - often starting at the slower end of theta waves (relaxed and calm) and progressing down to the bottom end of delta waves (deep and dreamless sleep.) While there's some ambiguity about how well the entrainment process works, particularly for binaural audio - hence the "experiments" you might have seen around the site - it's safe to say that plenty of subjects respond beautifully to the effect. Some have even indicated that they're able to go into trance from the tones alone.

While I don't rely on the impact the binaurals have (hence the files available without), I do use them to accent and amplify the suggestions within each induction. It's likely, as with most things hypnosis-adjacent, that you experienced a combination effect from the binaural, the audio script, and your existing mental state when you started. I'm thrilled you enjoyed it, regardless. =)

That being said, if you'd like to explore how you respond to just the binaurals, I believe this one is drawn from Experiment XII or Experiment XIII.

Hopefully, it's interesting to have a follow-up comment! I listened to this again with the binaurals and had not reread my comment beforehand. In fact, I didn't specifically remember I'd left one, so it wasn't in my head at all. So, for me, rereading the comment after listening again was super interesting. I'm actually convinced there's something about these binaurals, in particular! I once again had the experience where I lost focus of your words for periods of time. I'd notice and refocus on them, and then notice I'd lost focus on them again. I find this particularly enjoyable b/c I do think that sometimes it's more of a challenge for me to get "mindless" or blank. In a way, it felt like this is a version of that experience. If that makes sense. I am highly skeptical I'd have experienced that with script alone.

It was clear to me I fell into a trance while my eyes were still open and that actually lasted a while, interestingly. I can't remember any particular marker but it was kind of an all of a sudden effect when they grew too heavy. And my entire body promptly followed, which again, felt linked to the binaurals b/c I don't think you were verbally triggering that. Aside from the ability to take deep breaths, my body was soooooo heavy. Every inch of me. Haha. Which for me, makes my mind feel like that almost pulls it further down too. And while feeling that, I felt like my whole body was feeling the tones. Anyway! That's a lot of thoughts, I know...but it's fun to talk about and you take the time to make these files, which is super cool. So, I hope this is helpful for you. Thank you! :-)

All feedback is wonderful and helpful, and follow-up comments are often very interesting. Thanks for posting again. =)

This binaural, if I remember right, is an adapted form of experiment 13 - in case you'd like to try the tone alone. It uses a bit of audio trickery to create the constantly-descending sound, then spread it out across a long span of time, and I've noticed it seems to be particularly effective.

It can certainly be challenging to go mindless, especially depending on your expectations about how that will feel. I'm pleased to hear this lets you experience it to a degree.

The heaviness thing (aka "your eyelids are getting heavy") may be a bit of a trope in hypnosis, but that's for good reason...it's all very layered together.

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Submitted by Chris on Sun, 08/23/2020 - 14:22