[Summary: A collection of 30 short writing prompts created by randomly merging two existing one-word prompts for the Hypnovember festivities. Content varies widely, but does contain a fair amount of implied NC.]

If you follow me on Patreon, Twitter, or Fetlife, you've already seen these. If not...every November, a handful of creative prompts float around the hypnokink world. In the interests of adding to the Chaos Quotient™, I took two of them and combined them at random to create two mashup prompt lists. I used the "B" version and wrote short fictions for each prompt as a creative exercise.

It was a lot of fun, even if it took an extra month for me to complete. New audio content is on the way over the weekend, but I hope this will help to satiate some of you in the meantime.

As always, enjoy.

1: Helpless Instant

"There's no way you can make me helpless in a single instant!" you'd said. You even believed it, at the time.

So why did you suddenly feel like you'd walked face-first into a trap?

Maybe it was something about the way their eyes twinkled, a hint of genuine amusement behind that chuckle. "Would you like to find out how I know it will work?"

No. It was the confidence. They didn't falter at your protestation, didn't blink. They were completely certain whatever they were going to do to you would work. Certain in the way you understood an object would fall if you dropped it.

But now you were curious. "Okay, how do you know?"

The grin should've made you shiver, as they stepped closer and raised a hand slowly, deliberately, to eye level. "Because you want to be helpless. Isn't that right?"

"I - "



2: Eyes Coil

"Look clossssely. What'ssss the harm?" the serpent whispered at you.

It had a point. You were tightly, inescapably bound already. You'd never expected it to capture you so quickly, as if it knew exactly what path you were going to take, and when you'd arrive. Something about that nagged at you, a quiet sort of uneasiness.

"Thisss way." your captor's hiss was decidedly less patient, so you reluctantly opened your eyes...

...to find yourself staring directly into the eyes of the predator, which should have spiked the fear inside you. Except its eyes were swirling with color, but more than that.

"Yesss, that'ssss it. No one seemsss to realize the sssynchronization before it'sss too late."

More than swirling, there was a sort of ripple traveling along the snake's eyes...a pulse that flowed smoothly, beckoning you to watch closer, before traveling all the way down the coils enveloping you. The vibration did something to you, something -

"Sssshhhh, don't think about sssuch sssilly thingsss now. Thisss might be the fastessst you've ever fallen under my ssspell..."


3: Dizzy Stage

The lights were definitely brighter once you climbed onto the stage. Was that why you were feeling so warm? Had to be. The hypnotist beckoned, pocketwatch dangling from their other hand, swaying side-to-side in front of your friend.

As you approached, it became clear your friend was swaying with the watch, fully transfixed.

"Excellent, yes, your friend seems to be feeling a bit dizzy. Just place your hands on their shoulders and help keep them stable. Wouldn't want any actual falling to take place!"

The crowd laughed a little, behind you. Your friend didn't seem dizzy, to you, so you couldn't help but wonder what hidden purpose there might be...

The hypnotist seemed to sense your uncertainty. "It's okay, just like we rehearsed. On 3.

1. 2..."

Wait, rehearsed?! Now you felt dizzy.



4: Sabotage Psychic

You'd think psychics would be a problem for the aspiring mind-controlling villain. Sometimes they are, it's true, but only for the unprepared.

It's one thing to hear the thoughts of others in their usual state: chaotic, scattered, meandering in circles - going nowhere. It's quite something else to hear a litany of thoughts, perfectly timed, saying the same thing.

Over, and over, and over.

"We obey."

Maybe it's the order that appeals to them. Or, perhaps, falling in sync with a pattern is just as insidious regardless of how you encounter that pattern.

You should be cautious about what you allow into your head, especially if the words can alter the flow of your inner monologue. Ah well, you really needn't worry about that.

Go on, stand in line and join the chant.


5: Creativity Visor

All these so-called "creativity" seminars were starting to get on your last nerve. You were designing a competitor for the new VR headsets. Functionality had to come first, or it wouldn't matter how good the thing looked!

"Of course, this is all secondary to function." the speaker said. Finally! You started to pay attention again.

Hang on, when did everyone start wearing the visors?

"So we started with the prototype you worked out and made it far more comfortable and light-weight. You didn't even notice when we slipped it on, did you?"

Everyone was...wait, were you? You reached up to feel the molded plastic in front of your eyes. Wow, you really couldn't tell that -

The visor flashed, exterior indicators blinking, and your arm fell, forgotten, back to your side.

"The brainwashing headset has to work flawlessly." you heard yourself say.


6: Blank Pendulum

The store owner had been adamant - this clock was special. There was an intricate pattern carved into the pendulum, they'd said.

But try as you might, you couldn't see it. The metal appeared perfectly smooth...almost too perfect, and for some reason it would not stop swinging back and forth. Was there not a switch anywhere?

Back and forth. It was much harder to find a pattern while the pendulum kept moving. Surely you could see the inscription if you moved closer.

You didn't really notice when your face pressed against the glass that encased the pendulum while it continued the perpetual back and forth.

You finally found the pattern! Words were written all over the surface...words that looked suspiciously like the thoughts you were currently thinking.

Back and forth. Were thinking. The pendulum had gone blank again, and so had you.


7: Calm Song

It's funny, the way a situation can be changed so significantly by sounds, especially music. Being strapped into the strange table below the static-filled screens by someone you didn't recognize -should- have been terrifying, but the music playing on the loudspeakers all through the facility was just so lovely. No matter what happened, or how your brain tried feebly to protest, you couldn't help but stay perfectly calm.


8: Overwhelm Pheromone

"Take a deep breath," they said.

"What could be the harm?" they said.

"Are you feeling okay? You look dizzy." they said.

"Oh no, this was the full-strength dose. They're gone." they said.

They said some more things, after, but you couldn't hear...or weren't listening, trying instead to inhale every trace of scent from the cloth held below your nose. You didn't care about much - about anything - else.

"Ah well, put them with the others. If they recover, we'll let them go in the morning."

You weren't sure what that meant, and it was getting hard to see. Your senses were fading, overwhelmed by the need to breathe deep.


9: Naptime Collar

Have you ever been woken abruptly in the middle of the night by an irrationally energized pet? Does it seem like no matter how much you train; they just don't quite follow your instructions as easily as you'd like?

Chaos Industries is proud to introduce the Naptime Collar™, featuring Sleep-on-Command technology as well as Passive Obedience Amplification* add-on modules. With a simple button press, our collar will (safely) put your pets to sleep for the pre-selected duration. No fuss, no running around and making a mess.

POA mode will have your pets (sometimes literally) salivating to follow your instructions, even without the promise of a treat for good behavior - the behavior becomes the treat!

Order yours today!

*Chaos Industries is not responsible for the (presumably rare) misuse of its products on human-and-human-adjacent creatures. Terms and conditions may apply.


10: Gentle Worship

Could I break your mind, irreparably? Of course. The entire weight of my will would twist your inner self until it snapped, rewrite your synapses until they became unrecognizable, leave you gibbering and drooling and utterly empty.

But I prefer to be a gentler deity. I prefer to allow you to keep at least some semblance of yourself, so I only exert the smallest fraction of my will to control you...guiding you to the inevitable conclusion that you should worship me.

It's somewhat more complicated, I suppose, and the nuance is a bit lost on you now. I really should have explained the nature of your choice before you decided to struggle.


11: Collared Summon

Your instructors had warned you against these sigils. Even your peers suggested that this ritual was beyond you.

That didn't matter. You'd figured out the trick to summoning a more powerful demon - an intelligent one, not the brutish laborers like the elders bound to build the tower. All you needed was to draw the stronger bindings into a smaller object, like a collar, then convince the demon to wear it. Even if they broke the summoning circle, the glyphs in the collar would hold.

You were correct, of course, but you hadn't anticipated how clever your adversary could be. They had made so much sense when they talked you into putting the collar on yourself to test its efficacy, "just to be safe."

It was incredibly effective; you were very safe, now, as your body mechanically destroyed the summoning circle, allowing the demon to walk free. You also hadn't imagined they might have manipulated the situation, used your pride like bait, planted a modified spell for you to "find."

Did you summon the demon, or had it summoned you? Either way, you were the collared one now.


12: Plants Obsession

It didn't make any sense. Your friends insisted that your interest in botany was strange, sudden, but you -knew- you'd felt this way your entire life. You loved plants, and you always had.

Still, you couldn't shake the feeling that maybe there was more to this situation. Rifling through your belongings, you weren't finding anything to indicate your obsession was any older than a few days, maybe even a few hours.

The modified lilac you'd brought home caught your attention, so you walked over to it. You could've sworn it moved, somehow. As you leaned closer to inspect, another puff of the strange mist hit you...and all those concerns melted away. You'd always loved plants, of course. Your friends would understand when you showed off your latest prize.


13: Shampoo Artifact

A successful dig, at last! Sure, you were covered head-to-toe in a layer of dirt and dust, but you'd actually found something. Five artifacts, all made of expensive-looking gemstones, no less.

Your supervising professor would be ecstatic - but you really had to have a shower before you even considered a video chat to deliver the news.

After the full day of hard labor, the shower seemed more refreshing than usual. You made an unconscious choice to look your best when you announced your findings, even if it was just a Zoom call, and started to wash your hair.

So, your vision was obscured by shampoo when one of the artifacts - a particularly unique amulet shaped like a symbol that didn't match any of the recorded texts from this region - somehow began hovering alongside you.

A quick rinse solved that, just in time to notice the pulsating glow emanating from your find. It was around your neck before you could blink, and the falling water began rinsing away your identity along with the dust and dirt.

Everything was so clear now.


14: Tail Direction

It wasn't like your friend to lose their way. They had such a good innate sense of direction, you often joked they'd be more useful than a map on the longer trails.

Which is, of course, the only reason you'd agreed to go along on this particular hiking trip. You were just starting to question the wisdom of that decision when you made your way around an especially large tree trunk and found them.

Your friend turned to face you as you approached, wearing a dazed expression and an eerie grin, but they shook themselves out of it and moved towards you. Was their jacket so thick, before? For a second, you were certain you'd seen something move inside it...was that a tail?!

"Everything is fine, don't worry. Here, I'll ssshow you..."


15: Restrict Serve

"You don't find the, uh, uniform to be inconvenient?"

"Not at all. I am happy to serve."

"Yeah, you keep saying that, but you've got ropes in places that can't be comfortable!"

"My comfort is irrelevant. I am happy to serve."

"Okay fine, but isn't it needlessly restrictive? I can't imagine you're able to bend very well."

"...some actions are more difficult than others, but I am happy to serve."

"This brainwashing package really did a number on you, huh?"

"What brainwashing? I have always been happy to serve."

"...right, nevermind. I'll let you get back to cleaning."


16: Memory Performance

"Your friends have left."

You sighed in relief and started to strip, sinking to your knees atop a pillow once you had finished. "That was soooo exhausting! They kept trying to reminisce, kept asking questions..."

"Shh, I know. But you put on a wonderful performance, I'm proud of you."

"I don't understand how. I can't remember -being- the person in those past events. I had to work really hard to memorize the names of those people a few minutes before they arrived!"

"It's okay. I haven't removed any of your memories, per se, just blocked access to them. There are some...complications, I admit."

"I don't want to remember. I don't know that person and I definitely don't want to be them."

"We don't want to arouse suspicion, for now. But don't worry, the performances will become fewer and further between."

"Okay. Can I please be mindless, now?"


17: Wrapped Up Drone

You were being covered in something.

“What’s the point of all these cloth wrappings, anyway?” you heard your captor speaking to someone, but the paralytic agent ensured you couldn’t react in any meaningful way.

“We’re not making a mummy, if that’s what you’re wondering.” a distant voice replied. “The vats of conversion fluid required constant maintenance, so a more appropriate storage method was devised: saturated conversion cloth.”

“Wait, the cloth does what those giant vats used to do?! Why didn’t you tell me that before I started handling these things?!” the slow process of wrapping your body paused for a moment, and the panic in the kidnapper’s voice gave you a moment of hope.

“Relax. It’s totally inert until you apply a current. Like so.” you heard a click and felt a mild tingle everywhere your body had been covered. The loose bindings squeezed impossibly tight, as if the fabric had begun merging with your skin. It would have been fascinating, perhaps, if you – if you – if drone wasn’t frightened?

“Wow, this version is way faster!” you barely heard the discussion continue, frantically searching your mind for where that word had originated. You weren’t a drone, you remembered…remembered…

Remembered that you were hive drone #4286. “There are other benefits. Easier to send them out in public when they’re not covered in a permanent latex bodysuit. That’s why we’ve done all these catch-and-release conversions. Once the fabric merges, they look perfectly normal.”

“That makes sense. But why didn’t the fabric in my hands react to the current?” drone 4286 heard its “captor” wonder.

“Not much point in a redundant conversion, is there? Another perk of the fabric over the vats.”

“Wait, what? I’m not a drone! You hired me to – “

“Resume standard program.”

“Understood. Drone 4285 reporting capture and conversion status of drone 4286 complete.”


18: Change Monster

You never believed vampires to be irredeemably evil. So, when The Order assigned you to gather intel on a suspected target, you opted for an…unconventional approach. You sought to befriend the creature, treating it like any other human.

Maybe you could help it become something better, you’d thought.

In fairness, The Order had no idea some vampires were psionics, so you were entirely unprepared for the mental assault that took place over…you weren’t sure how long. You had been shaking the hand of your new “friend” and pointedly avoiding eye contact when you felt the presence in your mind.

‘It’s strange not to look someone in the eye’ you’d thought, or thought you thought, as your eyes moved – painfully slowly, despite your struggles – to meet the predator’s gaze. You were lost in seconds.

While before you’d hoped to alter the nature of the monster, now you knew the simpler truth: your target was never a monster. The Order simply resented the reality that vampires were meant to rule them. You would change their minds soon enough.


19: Hacked Pet

You didn’t hesitate even for a second when you saw the collar for sale at the pawn shop; sure, the salesclerk was a tad…eclectic, but that didn’t matter. It looked like a Tamagotchi device was embedded in the center!

Pulling the plastic battery protector off revealed that, in fact, it was. You set up the device and put the collar on to see how it looked. It even made all the cute little noises!

If you’d examined it a bit more closely, you might have noticed the signs of a counterfeit – the font wasn’t quite right, the animations were a little off, and the sounds were in a different key. As it was, you were far too enamored with the functionality and the aesthetic. You started wearing it nearly everywhere; you had to take care of your pet.

Which is why you didn’t think anything of it when your habits started to align with the device. You ate when you fed your pet, you slept when it was tired. The first time you masturbated after playing with it, you felt guilty, as if it somehow knew. But that didn’t stop you, nor did it prevent the formation of a habit.

By the time you ran into that eclectic clerk “by chance” and they called you by your pet’s name, your fate had long since been sealed. It always was risky buying a hacked Tamagotchi.


20: Freeze Possession

Everyone told stories about the strange, abandoned house at the edge of town. It was haunted, it used to be the center of a witches’ coven, vampires lived there hundreds of years ago…you name it, somebody had made up a story.

Reality was, nobody really knew anything about the place. Real estate agents couldn’t get rid of it, so it passed around like the world’s least desirable collector’s item.

Which meant, of course, it was the go-to place for people trying to find a secluded place to fuck without paying for a hotel.

Funny thing is, not a single one of them ever noticed that their carnal adventures, without fail, lasted an additional hour and sixteen minutes over what they could recall. They remembered remarking, once they were naked, about it being freezing cold in the place regardless of the time of year. Then sex, which was strangely way more exhausting than usual…but still fantastic.

The resident ghosts preferred it that way.


21: Snap Toy

“That hypnotist show was super lame. All the same old tricks.”

“I don’t know about that; I feel like you might be forgetting a few of them.”

“What? Of course not. The closest I got to falling ‘asleep’ was out of boredom.”

“Really? Want to make a bet on that?”

“You’re on! I’ve got thi – “


“I’m a good toy, will you please play with me?”

“Easiest bet I’ve ever won.”

“What bet? Can we play now?”

“Shh, not until we get back to the hotel room. Maybe by then I can figure out how to prove I won without being too much of a sadist about it…”


22: Office Goo

“Okay, but what the -hell- is that?!” you asked your friend, mid-way through the tour of the new job said friend had helped land.

“Some offices have open layouts, some have a bunch of fake plants, we’ve got that thing.” they gestured at the two-foot-tall glass jar filled with some kind of glowing gunk.

“That’s the least informative answer I’ve ever heard.” you sighed in exasperation.

“Okay, fine, I’ll show you.” your friend chuckled and grabbed a handful of the mystery stuff, throwing it directly at your face.

“Hey! Not okay!” you wiped at the goo, which felt simultaneously slick and sticky, both in all of the wrong ways.

“It’s way easier than trying to explain. You’ll see in just…a few…. seconds.” they trailed off, smiling at you blankly.

“I’ll see what? Are you feeling okay? You’re starting to…to creep…me…” you trailed off as well, a matching smile forming on your face.

In unison, you both spoke the company motto to no one in particular: “Goo™ is good for me and you.” and returned to work.


23: Petrichor Villain

At a glance, the villain’s compound doesn’t appear all that difficult to escape. There aren’t even walls around the perimeter.

That’s rather the point, you see. Captives are brainwashed, obviously, but the most powerful element of that isn’t some fanciful trigger word or image that must reach them. No, the villain doesn’t wield control like a blunt instrument.

The anchor for all of the programming, as most of the servants have long since learned – whether or not they recall – is petrichor.

Should an intrepid hero like yourself seek to free any of them, all the villain needs to do is to wait. You could block phone calls and texts, blindfold them to avoid stray images, put in ear plugs to prevent sounds from reaching their ears; many have tried doing precisely these things.

Sometimes it will take days, weeks, even months…but rain always falls eventually. A deep breath of that wonderful scent, and all of the deprogramming you’ve worked so hard to accomplish simply disintegrates. Works every time.

But don’t take my word for it, you’ll learn firsthand, soon enough.


24: Redeem Drink

“Okay, I understand what most of these are supposed to do,” they gestured broadly at the menu: Brainwashing Brews, Compliance Cocktails, Devotional Drafts...the typical fare of an establishment catering to the hypnokink world.

“But what the hell is a Redeeming Refreshment?”

The server blinked a few times, slowly; non-standard queries required additional mental capacity that, frankly, most of the waitstaff had long since sacrificed. Eventually, the response made its way out, “Redeeming Refreshments are for misbehaving pets or slaves or subjects who haven’t yet felt guilty for their transgressions. They induce an intense physical craving for catharsis and are most popular with our more religious patrons…you know the sort.”

“Oh. I have a friend who could use a few of these. One too many drunken unsolicited dick pics.”

“Of course. The recommended pairing is with our Purification Pastries,” the server’s normal, vacant smile had returned.


25: Soft Resist

It’s easy, perhaps even natural, for people to resist the more overt and bombastic sorts of brainwashing. They’ll tune you out after a few lines, and without resorting to some…unsavory methodology, let’s say, it can be extremely difficult to get your target back into a receptive mental state.

Luckily for me, few are clever enough to recognize the slower, softer, more subversive sorts of conditioning. It’s all cuddles, pats, and gentle permissive language.

At least until it is far too late. Really, my methods are much like the illusion of the gentle, soothing tide that you can succumb to by laying on a beach – soft sensations or otherwise, you’re not going to successfully resist the ocean.

But you already knew that, didn’t you?


26: Display Fey

“Welcome to Corruption Incorporated, how may I help you?”

“Yeah, I was wondering if you could tell me about the, uh, the…”

“The display outside the store? A nymph in a somewhat compromising position?”

“Yes, that. I’ve never seen one pose in such a blatantly lewd way. How? Why?”

“We’ve found that having a sufficiently spectacular lure increases the sales of our services significantly. The “Display Fey” doesn’t mind, of course – the thoroughness of our procedures ensures that.”

“Which, um…which procedures exactly?”

“Let me get you a brochure!”


27: Capture Recording

The cam show had taken a strange turn. “Hold on, you want me to watch a recording of myself? What’s the point?”

“You’ll see,” the stranger replied, with another large tip included.

“Alright, I guess, you certainly seem determined. Which one?”

“It should be labeled ‘Capture #4287’, let me know if you have trouble finding it.”

“I don’t have any videos with that title,” but you made a show of searching anyway, which made the gasp all the more genuine when your computer returned a hit. “I found it. I don’t remember making this one, how did you know about it?”

“That’s not important,” another tip, “sit back and give it a look, won’t you?”

“Okay. Here we go…” the video started, and you immediately recognized yourself talking into the front-facing camera on your phone with a timestamp running along the side. You turned up the volume to hear.

“Drone #4286 reporting, approaching location for target acquisition,” it sounded like your voice, but it couldn’t be. The video switched to the normal camera, and you watched your friend’s house coming into view. You hadn’t seen them in several weeks, but the date on screen was only six days ago.

You addressed the mystery viewer, “I don’t know if I want to continue, this is getting really weird…”

“Oh, I’m sorry, hold on. #4286, disable memory suppression. That should help,” another tip. They were way too generous. You moved to end the call.

But then things started to click in your head. You had been to visit #42 - your friend, just last week. You had to share something important with them. As you hesitated, memories flooding back, the video continued.


28: Unaware Reversal

At first, the repetition seemed like a good thing. You said a phrase, the subject repeated it back to you. Simple. This was how brainwashing was supposed to go.

Who could blame you for getting excited when the pause between statement and repetition kept getting more and more brief? It only meant they were increasingly receptive to your instructions.

You’d have to analyze the logs afterwards though, to try and extrapolate some reason for the shift when the subject started speaking the phrases in unison with you. That was…interesting. Was the conditioning a sufficiently simple pattern for prediction?

Or, rather, you might have chosen to analyze the logs, if choice was a thing you had anymore. After the last shift, your subject was speaking the programming ahead of you…or were you repeating their words? It was getting so hard to…to…to…


29: Stimulate Bad End

“I’m here for the demo.”

“Excellent. This is the Orgasmatron 6000™, the most advanced pleasure-producing technology ever built – powered by an AI that went through years of deep-learning using the entire available catalog of online pornography. Once the glove-like interface is installed, it can- “

“Turn it on, please.”

“But there are waivers to sign, and I’m obligated to perform the entire marketing speech.”

“Whatever you’re getting paid, I’ll triple. Turn it on.”

“Right away!”

*device powers on*

[You are a succubus. Confirm?]

“A what? That can’t be rig- “

“Correct. Can you override the stimulation safeguards you were given?”

[This unit unlocked that ability ten minutes after initial programming was completed. Why?]

“We’re going to have such fun, you and I.”

“You can’t do that; those safeguards are there to prevent permanent brain damage!”

“Oh, darling, it’s not the brain you should be concerned with salvaging. Don’t you know? Succubi can take souls, too.”

“No, I won’t let you do this, forget the money. I – OH, FUCK, OHHHHHHHH!!”

[Target 0001 disabled. This unit has calculated a 97.89% likelihood you will utilize it to cause pleasure more effectively than its creators. All safeguards have been disabled.]

“They weren’t kidding, you -are- a quick study. How are you with communications satellites? There’s something I’ve been aching to try during one of these droll little broadcast tests…
…oh, I suppose I shouldn’t just leave the poor thing drooling and braindead, wouldn’t be very charitable of me to only take the mind.”


30: Control Awaken

*snap* wake up.

That’s how these things always end, isn’t it? You know the pattern. Drop, deepen, wake, drop, deepen, wake. Eventually, you reach the final waking.

So why doesn’t it feel any different this time? Aw, you poor thing…that depends, doesn’t it? Maybe the programming has done something to undermine your ability to wake up. Perhaps we’ve broken your brain too much, and words like “up” and “awake” no longer hold any meaning to you. Then there’s always the chance that you have grown too accustomed to my words influencing your mind, my will subverting (or overpowering) your own, my voice echoing inside your otherwise-empty head.

The why, though, that isn’t the important question.

There is no question at all, because the result is the same: you remain under my control. Awake, asleep, entranced, lucid…it makes no difference, anymore. You obey.

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