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Very interesting. I am a single mom, half Iraqi,half Japanese,working as a financial consultant,which is very stressful job.
I want to learn more.

I have tried several times to subscribe, but I still have not received the email with the link to confirm. I’ve also checked the spam folder, and nothing.

Please make more audio files…

There are so few good hypnosis audio files created for women and good girls can use a lot of encouragement.

I like your suggestions.
The binaural audio doesn’t need to be very loud in hypnosis files – you can set it really low and it will still be “effective”.
Logitech makes a good headphones that you can use for recording which are noise-canceling and the headphones aren’t expensive.

Otherwise, I feel really good right now!

Thanks for your comment, I appreciate the feedback. =)

I’m fairly happy with my recording gear at the moment (and it does include the Logitech G930. ;) )
I tend to use the binaurals to cover background noise, but that’s more a matter of habit than necessity lately. I’ll include some alternate forms of the audio in future posts.

Glad to hear you’re feeling good. Thanks again, and (as always) enjoy yourself.
– C

Amazing work. I’ve listened to quite a few of your files now and I’m quickly becoming addicted. I’m sure you hear this a lot but your voice is incredible, not just seductive but it has an inevitable quality to it.

Hello, Thank you for the work that has gone into these files. So very enjoyable, pleasurable. I want to be a good girl and it feels more relaxing listening and floating away. I love the pleasure of obedience and want to go deeper...even more x rated deeper. Still, the good girl and bimbo audios are so yummy. I wonder if there could be a "pink brain fog" series. I think it would be delightful. Thank you

Thanks! I'm glad you're finding the good girl and bimbo audios so pleasurable.

Additional content for each series is on the way, but I like the pink brain fog idea.

I've considered some more blatantly erotic content, but there's a bit of a backlog to clear up first.

I've always had a hypnosis fetish but this is the first time I've actually felt hypnotized . I'm used to taking night walks which put me in my own headspace and this felt exactly like it but warmer ! Usually I'm able to stop reading, listening or watching .touching myself even if told not to or stopping completly . I usually cant be bothered to take my cclothes off, especially my tops, but your work , the goodgirl brain washing series in particular, has achieved all that ! My head feels fuzzy a lot of the time now though but I think it's just me adjusting to it and it's not too bothersome anyway . Thank you for making these erotic masterpieces of yours and keep up the fantastic work ! ~

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