[Summary: This is the eighteenth (18th) of the binaural experiments. It's an asymmetrical descent base tone with a gentle modulation that should work well with visuals that move back and forth, for various reasons.]

This experiment features an asymmetrical descent to the base tone, meaning you spend longer "dropping" than you do "coming up." While this is something I've done before, there are merits to being up front - as much as possible without completely compromising the experiments, anyway.

The modulation should be more gentle than the last few, but will (hopefully) pair quite well with back and forth visual movement, for reasons of science.

Restating the naming convention: "Base" refers to the binaural tone without modulation, "Short" refers to the rapid/short duration tone.

Standard disclaimer: please be cautious and ensure you listen in appropriate/safe environments, particularly if you've found that binaurals produce any adverse or uniquely intense effects for you.

Binaural Experiment XVIII - Short, Base (10m)

Binaural Experiment XVIII - Short, Modulated (10m)

Binaural Experiment XVIII - Standard, Base (20m)

Binaural Experiment XVIII - Standard, Modulated (20m)

Patrons received early access to these, as well as lossless versions and the extended (30m) edit.

As always, enjoy.



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