[Summary: This is the seventeenth (17th) of the binaural experiments. It's designed to do two things, primarily, which are slightly different to the normal experiments.]

For this experiment, I decided to focus on something that might complement the files I plan to pair it with...which means, in this case, an experiment targeted at two very particular elements of your mental state.

Telling you which would, of course, spoil the experiment; that said, if you find your reaction to this one notably different than usual, please do let me know. As per recent convention, "Base" refers to the base tone without modulation, while "Short" or "Standard" refer to the length (10m vs 20m, respectively.) The modulation is not especially relevant, but should produce a sort of rotating effect.

The usual precautions apply. (That is, if you've found that binaurals have any adverse effects for you, please avoid this or, at a minimum, listen with appropriate precautions.)

Binaural Experiment XVII - Short, Base (10m)

Binaural Experiment XVII - Short, Modulated (10m)

Binaural Experiment XVII - Standard, Base (20m)

Binaural Experiment XVII - Standard, Modulated (20m)

Patrons on Patreon have received early access to these, as well as lossless versions and an extended (30m) edit.

As always, enjoy.


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