[Summary: The fifteenth (15th) of the binaural experiments. This audio is designed to create somewhat conflicting states of relaxation/arousal at different rates, to see which ultimately "wins."]

This experiment is something of a game, you could say. Rather than produce combined thoughtlessness and arousal, it induces arousal fairly early and gradually ramps up the relaxation/mindless effect as the audio continues.

So which effect wins, in the end? That requires experimentation, of course. Give it a try.

Note: I'll update this post with visual components once those are finished.

Binaural Experiment XV - Base, Short (10m)

Binaural Experiment XV - Mod, Short (10m)

Binaural Experiment XV - Base (20m)

Binaural Experiment XV - Mod (20m)

Per usual, Patrons receive early access to these (and all audio files) as well as lossless versions and an extended (30m) edit.

[Update: for the visual on this one, I did something a bit different - the short version and the normal version have different visual aids. As always, be wary of large file size, especially if you are on limited data.]

Experiment XV - Short - Vis 1

Experiment XV - Vis 2

As always, enjoy.

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