[Summary: This is the fourteenth (14th) of the binaural experiments. This one is designed, unlike most, simply to put you to sleep. You may or may not enter a trance or suggestible state during that process.]

Something a bit different, this time (by request.)

The binaural tone here is designed to help you fall asleep. It should produce a progressively more relaxed and comfortable feeling/mental state. Because of how these are patterned, every length of tone will behave a little differently.

While it probably sounds a little bit like the audio illusion from XIII, it is not. In this case, the tone pattern does actually descend, which will be very obvious if you skip around a little.

Unlike most of the binaurals I make, I'd actually encourage you to try the base tone prior to the modulated one. The idea is a gentle effect, after all.

Additionally, because the file is meant to be a sleep aid, I'm not currently planning to attach any visual elements to it.

The usual precautions apply.

Binaural Experiment XIV (Short - 10m)

Binaural Experiment XIV (Short, Modulated - 10m)

Binaural Experiment XIV (Base - 20m)

Binaural Experiment XIV (Modulated - 20m)

Patrons on Patreon receive early access to these, as well as lossless versions, and an extended (30m) edit.

As always, enjoy.


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