[Summary: One of the few vanilla scripts I've published over the years, designed purely as a sleep aid. Notably, you are instructed to fall asleep almost immediately following the reading of it. It exploits the desire to go to sleep.] [Warning: This script is designed to put you to sleep. Use with caution, or before bed.] Sometimes, you visit here to satiate your arousal. You click "read more," in search of satisfying the desire to be controlled, brainwashed, and mesmerized. Those visits are sexual in nature, they feed your lust. I'm quite happy to provide material for those moments, obviously, but there are other times where that sort of satisfaction isn't what you want - or it isn't possible for a myriad of reasons. Sometimes, it makes sense to seek something less-than-sensual here. Among these tamer curiosities that lead to hypnotic exploration is a sensation called somnolence, the feeling of drowsiness...a strong desire for sleep. You could consider it to be the curse of the insomniac. It's likely to be a state you're familiar with on some level, whether or not you've heard the term before. We all have our restless nights.
Submitted by Chris on Fri, 05/27/2016 - 14:30