Spiral 2

Summary: This is the second spiral I made. The base image was sourced from a Google search at the time. It is a basic black-and-white spiral with a shimmering effect. Another spiral I found and quite liked, so I animated it. Stare and enjoy.

Binaural 3

Summary: This is the third of the early binaural audio files I created. It was designed to pair with the brainwave images. Binaural audio uses split-frequency left and right channel sounds to [in theory] create a resulting brainwave frequency in the listener. Today's binaural is 'tuned' for a change. I figured I'd try a tone that matches the pitches of lower As, for those with a musical inclination. That should make it more pleasant to listen to...I can't speak to the effect it will have, however. So feel free to tell me.

Brainwave Image 7

Summary: This is the seventh "brainwave image" I made. It is a multi-color flashing pattern timed to a particular frequency; in short, it uses the idea of brainwave entrainment to produce a calm, relaxed, compliant mental state if you watch long enough. This one has no text, and the flashing sequence gives the appearance of changing. Warning: Do not continue if you have photosensitive epilepsy or are otherwise sensitive to flashing lights. For those who have been awaiting a new brainwave image... This one uses a Fibonacci sequence, if you're curious, for both timing and number of frames. It should create the illusion that the sequence is changing, thanks to residual image retention.

Perspectives on Water (Black Fluid)

Summary: The concept of the black fluid is expanded further still, with some suggestions about altering the way you perceive water in general. The expanded brainwashing is designed to make it easier to feel like a "black fluid slave" most of the time. You are made to touch yourself again, to cum, and the idea of the fluid not completely receding is presented. If you plan to read this, you should know it uses elements from prior posts. If you've already read the prior Black Fluid posts, continue. Otherwise, start there.