Brainwave Image 1

Summary: This is the first "brainwave image" I made. It is a black and white flashing pattern timed to a particular frequency; in short, it uses the idea of brainwave entrainment to produce a calm, relaxed, compliant mental state if you watch long enough. Warning: Do not continue if you have photosensitive epilepsy, as this may be sufficient to trigger it. For this post, I am doing a bit of an experiment. Behind the cut is a picture - more particularly, a timed flashing. It is based on brainwave entrainment - given exposure to a stimulus at the correct frequency, your brain will eventually try to replicate that frequency within itself. This applies within the realms of brainwave patterns - so generally less than 40Hz. The picture here is a bit quicker than 8Hz, and should consequently produce a very relaxed and calm state...among other things. For the best effect, you should view the picture in as large a window as possible and stare at it for at least 2 minutes. I suspect it will work faster, but it is difficult to be precise with these things. Enjoy. You may find the text below the image necessary to draw your focus away after a fair amount of time has passed.


Summary: This is an exploration of some of the elements that make hypnosis appealing. The script exploits those concepts to put you into a trance, encourage you to surrender to my will, convince you to kneel, and compel you to touch yourself for me. There is an allusion to the idea that my words may become addictive; you are told to chant "follow and obey." What is it that draws you to hypnosis? What do you find most appealing? It's a little different for everyone, sure, but to say there aren't some universal factors at play would be in bad taste. Let's explore those factors, shall we? Of course. You're here, after all.

How to Turn Yourself Into a Good Girl (Part 2)

Summary: This is (clearly) the sequel to Part 1 of How to Turn Yourself Into a Good Girl. It continues developing the ideas in the first script: submission to me, pleasure from obedience, deeper relaxation and conditioning. It broaches the idea of becoming a good girl as an act of habit, and suggests you adopt the structure of that habit from my words. You are given several suggestions of intense pleasure, sexual in nature, and told to masturbate and cum. If it has been more than a week since you read Part 1, go back and read it again. How to Turn Yourself Into a Good Girl (Part 1) It is a good time to have that refreshed in your mind, after all.

Follow and Obey (2-1)

Summary: This script exploits the idea of eye movement in order to induce a trance. It is best read on a full size screen, rather than a mobile device, for that reason. The phrase involved is embedded as a trigger, and you are instructed to chant it and make yourself cum. It isn't explicitly meant to go with the good girl brainwashing, but it does follow rather naturally because of how it is written. When the average person thinks of hypnosis, they tend to imagine spirals, swinging pocketwatches, and the soft droning voice of a therapist. A bit cliche, but not altogether inaccurate. Those are tools for entrancing the mind, certainly.

How to Turn Yourself Into a Good Girl (Part 1)

Summary: This is the first version of the good girl brainwashing content. It builds a foundation for additional brainwashing with the goal of turning you into a good girl. It associates the idea of being a good girl with my words; it suggests submission to me and regular reading, and it includes a mantra. You are instructed to masturbate and to cum, as well as to crave my words. You're reading this because you're curious. The title caught your eye, made you wonder. That's not surprising. It is rather direct, isn't it? But you've read my words before, I suspect. You know they have a certain kind of power, a pull to them.

Follow-up (1-2)

Summary: This is the direct sequel to "Pacing" and is meant to be read shortly afterwards. It is similar to the prior script in that it has structure and syntax intended to enhance the effect of text-based hypnosis. This script, however, narrows that focus to my words specifically; it associates following my words with trance, trance with euphoria, and encourages response to a particular phrase (follow and relax/follow and obey.) As with the previous one, there aren't erotic elements in this content. The beauty of text-based inductions like that, they leave a bit of an opening for a follow-up.


Summary: This script focuses on the power of words over the mind. Most of the effects are explicitly stated; that said, it is designed to leave you aroused to the point of having to masturbate. A notable side-effect: it will likely leave you more susceptible to my words. There are, however, no explicit triggers. It is a commonly accepted truth that words have power. Reading this, for instance, will leave your mind entirely blank and you aroused to a level you presently don't believe possible. But don't take my word for it.

Pacing (1-1)

Summary: This script is designed explicitly to be read. The structure and syntax is designed to enhance the effect of text-based hypnosis...provided, of course, that you follow the instructions. There are no lasting triggers, though the text does suggest continuing to the next script in the series. There are no erotic elements included in this content. In my experience, the largest issue subjects have with text trances is pacing. Lacking the rhythm a hypnotist can produce with voice or even motion, inevitably one begins to read the text too quickly. The effects of word choice and syntax and rhythmic device become lost, especially to those who read frequently.