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Merry Christmas and happy holidays and blessed solstice and such, to everyone celebrating.

With a smidge of luck and spare time, I'll be updating more regularly next year (2018.) There are currently three scripts in the works, and four recordings pending.

As always, thanks for reading, and enjoy.

- C

Binaural Experiment I

[Summary: The first binaural explicitly mentioned as an experiment, because elements of the binaural audio effect were altered. The audio is meant to pair with brainwave image 9, as the entrainment focuses on the same target brainwave pattern.] I've created a binaural designed to complement brainwave image 9. During the binaural, some aspects of the sound will change. If I'm correct, this will create a more immersive effect.

Brainwave Image 9

[Summary: The ninth (9th) of the image patterns made to exploit brainwave entrainment (visual) to induce trance states. Images are included both with and without text suggestions.] [Warning: If you have photosensitive epilepsy or are otherwise sensitive to flashing lights, do not continue.] Been awhile since I've done one of these. Experimenting with a (slightly) different color palette. The first image contains no text. The second contains text including instructions to touch yourself and stare, while becoming unable to look away. As always, if you have photosensitive epilepsy or any similar condition you should not open these files or the pages that contain them.


[Summary: One of the few vanilla scripts I've published over the years, designed purely as a sleep aid. Notably, you are instructed to fall asleep almost immediately following the reading of it. It exploits the desire to go to sleep.] [Warning: This script is designed to put you to sleep. Use with caution, or before bed.] Since it's a bit counter-productive for a sleep aid to be purely text...

Status Update

I've finally adjusted my recording setup enough that it resembles something I like. Mostly, the skipping and clipping and static issues are (hopefully) mostly resolved.

I've updated the most recent audio files (Behaving Like a Good Girl and Symbiont), correcting a lot of the skips and tone issues. There's likely to be some other things I missed, so feedback (as always) would be welcome on those changes - particularly if you sampled the original audio for either.

Behaving Like a Good Girl (III)

[Summary: The third of the "new" series of good girl brainwashing scripts. This expands the concepts mentioned previously, while suggesting new patterns of behavior and connecting them to the notion of being a good girl. As before, the mantra is expanded.] This post is designed to follow How to Turn Yourself Into a Good Girl (Redux) and Becoming a Good Girl (II). If you haven't read (or heard) those yet, I recommend doing so before you continue. If you've absorbed the previous parts, then let's begin.

Symbiont (Black Fluid)

[Summary: As with the Good Girl Redux, this script visits a concept from much older content. Specifically, a symbiont is described and you are made to assist in covering yourself with it while the new organism takes control of your mind and body. A looping image of (computer animated) water is included as visual inspiration.] Since I'm in the mindset of revisiting ideas, it seems like a good time to discuss the black fluid. For instructive purposes, you should have a glass of water nearby before you continue.