[Summary: The audio recording of the script sharing the same title, "Coercive Chaos." A nonsense hypnotic induction style, which may not be ideal for all listeners.]

Under normal circumstances, the early access that Patreon Patrons receive would amount to more than a day...but it has been far too long since I posted new content.

As you'd expect, this is the audio for Coercive Chaos. It's relevant to note that nonsense inductions are -definitely- not for everyone, and it may feel somewhat strange while listening. The combination of those two factors is, frankly, why this one is shorter than my usual fare.

Regardless, I'll update this post when I combine the visual component.

Coercive Chaos - Vocals Only

Audio file

Coercive Chaos - with Background Binaural

Audio file

[Update: the visual component. Went with something a bit strange to suit the tone of this file, I hope you like it. Standard disclaimer applies - be wary of large file sizes if you are on limited data.]

Coercive Chaos - Vis 1

Video file


As always, enjoy. Stay tuned for more.
- C


I enjoyed this audio greatly. When I read the script a few weeks back I thought it was very poetic. I would love to know your motives for engaging in hypnosis- is it just a creative outlet? I must admit I, like many of your listeners I’m sure, am aroused by hypnosis- I find the idea of submitting my very mind to someone incredibly erotic. Is the opposite true for you?

Thanks for commenting, I'm glad you enjoyed this one. It was a bit of a departure from my regular fare, clearly.

I've been into hypnosis as a fetish for a little over a decade at this point. It's highly erotic for me in almost all cases, though it doesn't have to be by default.

So in that regard it's a combined creative and sexual outlet, although the content I post here has (at least thus far) been fairly "tame." I also find the topic itself to be fascinating.

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Submitted by Chris on Thu, 01/14/2021 - 03:33